libsystemd0 - Component library for systemd

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This library provides several of the systemd C APIs:
* sd-bus implements an alternative D-Bus client library that is
relatively easy to use, very efficient and supports both classic
D-Bus as well as kdbus as transport backend.
* sd-daemon(3): for system services (daemons) to report their status
to systemd and to make easy use of socket-based activation logic
* sd-event is a generic event loop abstraction that is built around
Linux epoll, but adds features such as event prioritization or
efficient timer handling.
* sd-id128(3): generation and processing of 128-bit IDs
* sd-journal(3): API to submit and query journal log entries
* sd-login(3): APIs to introspect and monitor seat, login session and
user status information on the local system.


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libsystemd0 = 234-lp151.25.7
libsystemd0(x86-64) = 234-lp151.25.7


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Binary Package libsystemd0-234-lp151.25.7.x86_64.rpm
Source Package systemd-234-lp151.25.7.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install libsystemd0 rpm package:

# zypper install libsystemd0




2019-02-14 - Franck Bui <>
- Add 0001-systemd-PID1-crash-with-specially-crafted-D-Bus-mess.patch (bsc#1125352 CVE-2019-6454)
2019-02-14 - Franck Bui <>
- Import commit 98de7a2368c96c3914bca239b35d5b1de6bffcc2
434d2010d0 sd-bus: if we receive an invalid dbus message, ignore and proceeed
0cbdb75339 automount: don't pass non-blocking pipe to kernel.
2019-02-07 - Franck Bui <>
- Import commit 7902374f4046d3515973c2292fe764967cfc2309
b808bd8f67 units: make sure initrd-cleanup.service terminates before switching to rootfs (bsc#1123333)
58a5ac4cca logind: fix bad error propagation
fb118b996e login: log session state "closing" (as well as New/Removed)
e0065eec98 logind: fix borked r check
4a978123cd login: don't remove all devices from PID1 when only one was removed
c7af85fa55 login: we only allow opening character devices
d21d3f32d1 login: correct comment in session_device_free()
a5c15fde73 login: remember that fds received from PID1 need to be removed eventually
12ed3e765a login: fix FDNAME in call to sd_pid_notify_with_fds()
d16ea1c77a logind: fd 0 is a valid fd
06546129b3 logind: rework sd_eviocrevoke()
5b40830fcb logind: check file is device node before using .st_rdev
5d69862a26 logind: use the new FDSTOREREMOVE=1 sd_notify() message (bsc#1124153)
6b10a71597 core: add a new sd_notify() message for removing fds from the FD store again
767e6baa0e logind: make sure we don't trip up on half-initialized session devices (bsc#1123727)
95828c00c4 fd-util: accept that kcmp might fail with EPERM/EACCES
c1448fc331 core: Fix use after free case in load_from_path() (bsc#1121563)
2019-02-06 - Franck Bui <>
- Import commit 72e2d92e01b6e4686e6ac0b9cea391eb2ad4bc02
fc4e41ca9e core: include Found state in device dumps
8f795776b1 device: fix serialization and deserialization of DeviceFound
2af4971594 fix path in btrfs rule (#6844)
f8ac04cffb assemble multidevice btrfs volumes without external tools (#6607) (bsc#1117025)
c96249b50c Update systemd-system.conf.xml (bsc#1122000)
37245007a7 units: inform user that the default target is started after exiting from rescue or emergency mode
2019-01-15 - Franck Bui <>
- Import commit 9874ecb0457fd43cdde01085a878acdf2fa5af36
96313ee86a pull: initialize libgcrypt before calling any functions provided by libgcrypt
08870024dc hwdb: remove stray 'i' in hwdb match string for the HP Spectre (#9571)
f09d3f3648 cryptsetup: Add dependency on loopback setup to generated units
3dfe6375a9 journal-gateway: use localStorage["cursor"] only when it has valid value
44af6bc697 journal-gateway: explicitly declare local variables
a780ac41ce analyze: actually select longest activated-time of services
f57d448ff8 sd-bus: fix implicit downcast of bitfield reported by LGTM
02e8443486 install: fix error handling in is_symlink_with_known_name()
5d4d445912 resolve: fix return value type of dns_answer_has_dname_for_cname()
4bfb5d31d5 resolve: dns_scope_network_good() does not returns negative errno
c7028bd00a core: free lines after reading them (bsc#1123892)
63b4e1c44b pam_systemd: reword message about not creating a session (boo#1111498)
7811bf8e80 pam_systemd: suppress LOG_DEBUG log messages if debugging is off (boo#1111498)
2019-01-10 - Franck Bui <>
- Import commit b3fe3bed57dbf0a8c280caa4b45323e689f683e2
e3666c6e3e journal-remote: set a limit on the number of fields in a message (CVE-2018-16865 bsc#1120323)
a6d9216e7a journal-remote: verify entry length from header
6d319eb61e journald: set a limit on the number of fields (1k) (CVE-2018-16865 bsc#1120323)
f9c666991a coredump: fix message when we fail to save a journald coredump
2ad2d953c7 journald: do not store the iovec entry for process commandline on stack (bsc#1120323 CVE-2018-16864)
10f19f0bbf journald: remove unnecessary {}
eec4fdb05c coredump: remove duplicate MESSAGE= prefix from message

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