ghc-smallcheck - A property-based testing library

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SmallCheck is a testing library that allows to verify properties for all test
cases up to some depth. The test cases are generated automatically by


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ghc-smallcheck = 1.1.5-lp151.1.2
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Binary Package ghc-smallcheck-1.1.5-lp151.1.2.x86_64.rpm
Source Package ghc-smallcheck-1.1.5-lp151.1.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install ghc-smallcheck rpm package:

# zypper install ghc-smallcheck




2018-10-20 - Peter Simons <>
- Use https URL to refer to
2018-07-18 -
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.
2018-07-13 -
- Update smallcheck to version 1.1.5.
Version 1.1.5
- ------------
* Add `limit :: Monad m => Int -> Series m a -> Series m a`
* Add `genericSeries` and `genericCoseries`, so that you can use the generic
implementations more flexibly. Previously, the generic implementation was
only avaialable as the default method for `series`/`coseries` but not as
standalone functions.
2018-05-14 -
- Update smallcheck to version 1.1.4.
* Add instances for fixed-width Int and Word types (Int8, Word8 etc.)
* Fix compatibility with GHC 7.8 and older
* Add `Serial` and `CoSerial` instances for `Word` and `Natural`
* Export the `test` function
* Add a `listSeries` function
2017-05-08 -
- Clean up spec file. Only cosmetic; no functional change.
2016-07-10 -
- Update to version 1.1.1 revision 1 with cabal2obs.

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