ghc-pandoc-types - Types for representing a structured document

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'Text.Pandoc.Definition' defines the 'Pandoc' data structure, which is used by
pandoc to represent structured documents. This module used to live in the
pandoc package, but starting with pandoc 1.7, it has been split off, so that
other packages can use it without drawing in all of pandoc's dependencies, and
pandoc itself can depend on packages (like citeproc-hs) that use them.
'Text.Pandoc.Builder' provides functions for building up 'Pandoc' structures
'Text.Pandoc.Generic' provides generic functions for manipulating Pandoc
'Text.Pandoc.Walk' provides faster, nongeneric functions for manipulating
Pandoc documents.
'Text.Pandoc.JSON' provides functions for serializing and deserializing a
'Pandoc' structure to and from JSON.


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Install Howto

Install ghc-pandoc-types rpm package:

# zypper install ghc-pandoc-types




2018-10-29 -
- Update pandoc-types to version
* Put NFData in scope for ghc < 7.10.
* Reduce deepseq lower bound for ghc < 7.10.
2018-10-22 -
- Update pandoc-types to version
* For ghc < 7.10, constrain deepseq-generics to >= 0.2, which no
longer exprots NFData from deepseq. Add deepseq dependency.
2018-10-20 -
- Update pandoc-types to version
* Bump upper bound for deepseq-generics, QuickCheck, criterion.
* Implement QuickCheck shrinking for Inlines and Blocks (Alexander Krotov).
2018-07-18 -
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.
2018-07-13 -
- Update pandoc-types to version
* Declare the ToMetaValue instance for String as OVERLAPPING (#46).
* Bump upper bounds for aeson, base.
* Allow building on older ghc versions (George Wilson).
* Text.Pandoc.Arbitrary: generate SoftBreaks and LineBreaks
(Alexander Krotov).
* Pad table rows up to maximum row length, to guarantee that
all rows have the same number of columns
(see jgm/pandoc#4059, Francesco Occhipinti).
* Make String an instance of ToMetaValue (Alexander Krotov).
2018-05-14 -
- Update pandoc-types to version revision 1.
* Import Semigroups when needed rather than using CPP.
* Bump criterion upper bound.
* Add Semigroup instances for Pandoc, Meta, Inlines, Blocks
(if base >= 4.9).  This is needed for the library to compile
with ghc 8.4.
* Bumped criterion upper bound.
* Bumped upper bounds for criterion and QuickCheck.
* Added Walkable instances for `[Inline] Inline` and `[Block] Block`.
* Provide default implementation for walk (Albert Krewinkel).
The implementations for `walk` and `walkM` are very similar, so a
default method is provided which implements the former in terms of the
latter. This change should not affect performance, as the `Identity`
functor, which is used in the default definition, is a newtype that
should be eliminated at compile time.  (This requires a dependency
on transformers for ghc 7.8.x.)
* Force optimizations when compiling Walk module (Albert Krewinkel).
* Add `Applicative m` to the context of walkM (Albert Krewinkel).
The acceptance of AMP makes this a natural change.
* Add `Walkable [Block]` and `Walkable [Inline]` instances (Albert
* Factored out duplicate code in Walk.
* Added benchmark.
* Text.Pandoc.JSON: Use `walk` instead of `bottomUp` in the
`ToJSONFilter` instance for `a -> [a]`.  Note that behavior will be
slightly different, since bottomUp's treatment of a function `[a] -> [a]`
is to apply it to each sublist of a list, while walk applies it only to
maximal sublists.  Usually the latter behavior is what is wanted, and the
former can be simulated when needed.  But there may be existing filters
that need to be rewritten in light of the new behavior.
* Better consistency in simpleTable and table (jgm/pandoc#3648).
If `headers` is empty, we populate it with empty cells, using the rows
to determine number of columns.  We also ensure that there are numcols
alignments and column widths.
* Make sure Div and Span occur in Arbitrary instances.
* Bump dependency upper bounds.
* Removed unused mapConst.
2017-08-03 -
- Updated with latest spec-cleaner version 0.9.8-8-geadfbbf.
2017-06-19 -
- Update to version revision 4.
2017-04-24 -
- Update to version revision 3 with cabal2obs.
2017-03-22 -
- Update to version revision 2 with cabal2obs.

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