ghc-network - Low-level networking interface

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This package provides a low-level networking interface.
In network-2.6 the 'Network.URI' module was split off into its own package,
network-uri-2.6. If you're using the 'Network.URI' module you can automatically
get it from the right package by adding this to your .cabal file:
> library > build-depends: network-uri-flag.


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Install Howto

Install ghc-network rpm package:

# zypper install ghc-network




2018-11-19 -
- Update network to version
[#]# Version
* Breaking change: PortNumber originally contained Word32 in network
byte order and used "deriving Ord". This results in strange behavior
on the Ord instance. Now PortNumber holds Word32 in host byte order.
* Breaking change: stopping the export of the PortNum constructor in
* Use bytestring == 0.10.* only.
* Use base >= 4.7 && < 5.
2018-10-04 -
- Update network to version
* Removing withMVar to avoid the deadlock between "accept" and "close"
* "close" does not throw exceptions. A new API: "close'" throws
exceptions when necessary.
* Fixing the hang of lazy sendAll.
* Installing NetDef.h (#334)
* A new API: socketPortSafe.
* Fixing a drain bug of sendAll.
* Porting the new CALLCONV convention from master.
* Withdrawing the deprecations of packFamily and unpackFamily.
* Obsoleting the Network module.
* Obsoleting the Network.BSD module.
* Obsoleting APIs: MkSocket, htonl, ntohl,
getPeerCred, getPeerEid,
send, sendTo, recv, recvFrom, recvLen,
inet_addr, inet_ntoa,
isConnected, isBound, isListening, isReadable, isWritable,
packFamily, unpackFamily, packSocketType
* Do not closeFd within sendFd.
* Exporting ifNameToIndex and ifIndexToName from Network.Socket.
* New APIs: setCloseOnExecIfNeeded, getCloseOnExec and getNonBlock
* New APIs: isUnixDomainSocketAvailable and getPeerCredential
* socketPair, sendFd and recvFd are exported even on Windows.
2018-07-18 -
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.
2018-07-13 -
- Update network to version
[#]# Version
* Removed unnecessary withMVar, which caused locking on close.
2018-05-14 -
- Update network to version
* Reverting "Do not closeFd within sendFd"
* Don't touch IPv6Only when running on OpenBSD
* Do not closeFd within sendFd
* Updating examples and docs.
* Adds a function to show the defaultHints without reading their undefined fields
* Improve exception error messages for getAddrInfo and getNameInfo
* Deprecating SockAddrCan.
2017-08-03 -
- Updated with latest spec-cleaner version 0.9.8-8-geadfbbf.
2017-06-08 -
- Update to version revision 1.
2016-08-17 -
- Update to version revision 0 with cabal2obs.
2016-07-10 -
- Update to version revision 0 with cabal2obs.
2015-07-13 -
- update to
* Regenerate configure and
* Better detection of CAN sockets.
* Add support for TCP_USER_TIMEOUT.
* Don't conditionally export the SockAddr constructors.
* Add isSupportSockAddr to allow checking for supported
address types at runtime.

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