ghc-megaparsec - Monadic parser combinators

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This is an industrial-strength monadic parser combinator library.
Megaparsec is a feature-rich package that strikes a nice balance between speed,
flexibility, and quality of parse errors.


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Install Howto

Install ghc-megaparsec rpm package:

# zypper install ghc-megaparsec




2018-11-09 -
- Update megaparsec to version 7.0.4.
Upstream has edited the change log file since the last release in
a non-trivial way, i.e. they did more than just add a new entry
at the top. You can review the file at:
2018-11-01 -
- Update megaparsec to version 7.0.3.
[#]# Megaparsec 7.0.3
* Fixed the build with `mtl` older than `2.2.2`.
2018-10-22 -
- Update megaparsec to version 7.0.2.
[#]# Megaparsec 7.0.2
* Fixed the property test for `char'` which was failing in the case when
there is a character with different upper and title cases.
* More descriptive error messages when `elabel` or `ulabel` from
`Text.Megaparsec.Error.Builder` are used with empty strings.
* Typos fixes in the docs.

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