ghc-http-types - Generic HTTP types for Haskell (for both client and server code)

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Generic HTTP types for Haskell (for both client and server code).


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Binary Package ghc-http-types-0.12.2-lp151.1.2.x86_64.rpm
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Install Howto

Install ghc-http-types rpm package:

# zypper install ghc-http-types




2018-10-10 -
- Update http-types to version 0.12.2.
* 0.12.2 [2018-09-26]
Add new parseQueryReplacePlus function, which allows specifying whether to replace '+' with ' '.
Add header name constants for "Prefer" and "Preference-Applied" (RFC 7240).
2018-07-18 -
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.
2018-05-14 -
- Update http-types to version 0.12.1.
* Add new functions for constructing a query URI where not all parts are escaped.
* URI encoding is now back to upper-case hexadecimal, as that is the preferred canonicalization, and the previous change caused issues with URI
* signing in at least amazonka.
* Remove dependency on blaze-builder. (Note that as a side effect of this, URI encoding is now using lower-case rather than uppercase hexadecimal.)
* Add Bounded instance to Status.
* Re-export more status codes and http20 from Network.HTTP.Types.
* New status codes, new headers.
* Fixed typo in imATeapot, added missing toEnum.
* Oh, and http20.
2017-08-03 -
- Updated with latest spec-cleaner version 0.9.8-8-geadfbbf.
2016-07-10 -
- Update to version 0.9.1 revision 0 with cabal2obs.
2016-06-05 -
- update to 0.9.1
- remove useless _service
* New function: parseByteRanges.
* Support for HTTP status 422 "Unprocessable Entity" (RFC 4918).
2015-12-30 -
- update to 0.9
2015-04-21 -
- version bump to 0.8.6
* no upstream changelog
2015-02-01 -
- version bump to 0.8.5
+ should not link to aws
+ Allow array 0.5
+ remove upper boundary on text, may text simply never break anything
+ Derive some typeclasses for ByteRange
+ Allow case-insensitive 1.2
+ Add additional HTTP status codes as per RFC 6585 (close #45)
+ Add Network.HTTP.Types.URI.extractPath ?
+ Add support for HTTPS URLs to extractPath
+ Add documentation and tests for extractPath
+ Add doctest driver
+ extractPath from Network.HTTP.Types
+ Added urlEncode docs
2013-10-07 -
- Initial package - version 0.8.1

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