ghc-base-orphans - Backwards-compatible orphan instances for base

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'base-orphans' defines orphan instances that mimic instances available in later
versions of 'base' to a wider (older) range of compilers.
'base-orphans' does not export anything except the orphan instances themselves
and complements '< base-compat>'.
See the README for what instances are covered:
<>. See also the
< what is not
covered> section.


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ghc-base-orphans = 0.8-lp151.1.2
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Install Howto

Install ghc-base-orphans rpm package:

# zypper install ghc-base-orphans




2018-10-20 - Peter Simons <>
- Use https URL to refer to
2018-07-18 -
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.
2018-07-13 -
- Update base-orphans to version 0.8.
[#]# Changes in 0.8 [2018.07.02]
- Backported new instance from GHC 8.6/`base-4.12`
* Data types in `GHC.Generics`:
- `Applicative` instance for `K1`
- `Semigroup` instances for `U1`, `Par1`, `Rec1`, `K1`, `M1`, `(:*:)`,     `(:.:)`, and `V1`
- `Monoid`    instances for `U1`, `Par1`, `Rec1`, `K1`, `M1`, `(:*:)`, and `(:.:)`
* `Foldable` and `Traversable` instances for `Data.Monoid.Alt`
* `MonadFix`, `MonadZip`, `Data`, `Foldable`, `Traversable`, `Eq1`, `Ord1`,
`Read1`, and `Show1` instances for `Data.Ord.Down`
2018-05-14 -
- Update base-orphans to version 0.7.
* `Alternative` instance for `ZipList`
* `Data` instance for `IntPtr` and `WordPtr`
* `Num`, `Functor`, `Applicative`, `Monad`, `Semigroup`, and `Monoid`
instances for `Data.Ord.Down`
* `MonadFail`, `Semigroup`, and `Monoid` instances for strict `ST`
2017-08-03 -
- Updated with latest spec-cleaner version 0.9.8-8-geadfbbf.
2017-07-27 -
- Update to version 0.6.
2016-07-10 -
- Update to version 0.5.4 revision 0 with cabal2obs.
2016-04-12 -
- update to 0.5.4
* Backported Bits, FiniteBits, Floating, Fractional, Integral, IsString, Num, Real,
RealFloat, and RealFrac instances for Identity and Const
2016-03-08 -
- update to 0.5.3
* Backported Alternative, MonadPlus and MonadZip instances for U1 and Proxy, and
made the Functor, Foldable, Traversable, Alternative, and Monad instances for
U1 lazier to correspond with base-4.9
2016-02-28 -
- update to 0.5.2
* Backported Enum, Bounded, Ix, Functor, Applicative, Monad, MonadFix, MonadPlus,
MonadZip, Foldable, Traversable, and Data instances for datatypes
in the GHC.Generics module (introduced in base-4.9)

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