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QuickCheck is a library for random testing of program properties. The
programmer provides a specification of the program, in the form of properties
which functions should satisfy, and QuickCheck then tests that the properties
hold in a large number of randomly generated cases. Specifications are
expressed in Haskell, using combinators provided by QuickCheck.
QuickCheck provides combinators to define properties, observe the distribution
of test data, and define test data generators.
Most of QuickCheck's functionality is exported by the main "Test.QuickCheck"
module. The main exception is the monadic property testing library in
If you are new to QuickCheck, you can try looking at the following resources:
* The < official
QuickCheck manual>. It's a bit out-of-date in some details and doesn't cover
newer QuickCheck features, but is still full of good advice. *
<>, a detailed
tutorial written by a user of QuickCheck.
The <
quickcheck-instances> companion package provides instances for types in Haskell
Platform packages at the cost of additional dependencies.


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Install Howto

Install ghc-QuickCheck rpm package:

# zypper install ghc-QuickCheck




2018-10-10 -
- Update QuickCheck to version
QuickCheck 2.12.6 (released 2018-10-02)
* Make arbitrarySizedBoundedIntegral handle huge sizes correctly.
* Add changelog for QuickCheck 2.12.5 :)
QuickCheck 2.12.5 (released 2018-09-30)
* Export isSuccess from Test.QuickCheck.
* Export CoArbitrary even when generics are disabled (bugfix).
* Fix bug in shrinkDecimal.
* Include Test.QuickCheck.Gen in exposed modules for Haddock.
QuickCheck 2.12.3, 2.12.4 (released 2018-09-12)
* Shrinking for Float and Decimal now works by reducing the number
of digits in the number. The new function shrinkDecimal
implements this shrinking behaviour.
* Shrinking for Rational now tries to make the numerator and
denominator of the number smaller. Previously it tried to reduce
the magnitude of the number.
QuickCheck 2.12.2 (released 2018-09-10)
* Fix infinite shrinking loop for fractional types.
* Add SortedList modifier.
QuickCheck 2.12.1 (released 2018-09-06)
* Fix bug in 'classify'.
QuickCheck 2.12 (released 2018-09-03)
* Silently breaking changes!
- The Arbitrary instance for Word now generates only small
values, the same as Int
- cover no longer causes a property failure if coverage is
insufficient. It just prints a warning. (But see next item!)
* Overhaul of label/cover family of combinators:
- New property combinator checkCoverage, which checks coverage
requirements in a statistically sound way, and *does* fail if
they are not met.
- Order of arguments to cover swapped, to make it easier to
switch between classify and cover
- New combinators tabulate and coverTable, for reporting test
case distribution more flexibly than label.
- When label is called multiple times in a property, each call
produces a separate table of frequencies.
* New functions:
- (=/=): like (/=), but prints a counterexample
(thanks to tom-bop)
- forAllShow/forAllShrinkShow: quantification using an
explicit show function (thanks to Stevan Andjelkovic)
- forAllBlind/forAllShrinkBlind: quantification without
printing anything
- verboseShrinking: see how a counterexample is shrunk
- labelledExamples: given a property which uses label,
generate an example test case for each label
- idempotentIOProperty: a variant of ioProperty which shrinks
better but only works for idempotent I/O actions
* Other improvements:
- MonadFix Gen instance (thanks to Jon Fowler)
- Rational numbers shrink using continued fractions
(thanks to Justus Sagemüller)
- Function instances for Const, Identity, and the types in
Data.Monoid; instance Functor Fun (thanks to Erik Schnetter
and Xia Li-yao)
- More of Test.QuickCheck.Function is exported from
- Semantics of .||. changed to improve short-circuiting:
if the left argument's precondition is false, the right
argument is not evaluated and the whole disjunction is
considered to have a false precondition
- Bug fix: suchThatMaybe always increased size to at least 1
* Miscellaneous API changes:
- Result type has changed a bit:
- InsufficientCovered constructor is gone
- Type of labels has changed
- New fields classes, tables
2018-07-18 -
- Cosmetic: replace tabs with blanks, strip trailing white space,
and update copyright headers with spec-cleaner.

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