gettext-runtime-32bit - Tools for Native Language Support (NLS)

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This package contains the intl library as well as tools that ease the
creation and maintenance of message catalogs. It allows you to extract
strings from source code. The supplied Emacs mode (po-mode.el) helps
editing these catalogs (called PO files, for portable object) and
adding translations. A special compiler turns these PO files into
binary catalogs.


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Install Howto

Install gettext-runtime-32bit rpm package:

# zypper install gettext-runtime-32bit




2018-09-19 - Dr. Werner Fink <>
- Add patch msgfmt-reset-msg-length-after-remove.patch
which does reset the length of message string after a line
has been removed (boo#1106843)
2017-07-17 -
- Ignore rpm-build's dependency on gettext-tools while building
the -mini variant: before gettext-runtime-mini is built, there is
no provider of this symbol in a bootstrap cycle.
2017-07-01 -
- Explicitly call autoreconf, as we have patches touching the build
system. Implicit calling automake/autoconf works only as long as
the version on the system is the same as was used to bootstrap
2017-05-05 -
- Add msgfmt-remove-pot-creation-date.patch
to enable reproducible builds of packages using gettext-runtime
such as dfc, e2fsprogs and acl
2016-06-19 -
- GNU gettext
* Fix unintentional soname bump
2016-06-11 -
- GNU gettext 0.19.8:
* msgfmt now produces little-endian .mo files by default.
* xml: xgettext and msgfmt now look for .its files in directories
supplied through the GETTEXTDATADIRS or XDG_DATA_DIRS
environment variable.
* JavaScript: xgettext and msgfmt now recognize numbered
arguments in format strings.
2016-04-22 -
- drop gettext-runtime-grep-2.24.patch, no longer required for 2.25
2016-04-17 -
- GNU gettext 0.19.7:
* can now load custom string extraction rules in XML
Internationalization Tag Set (ITS) standard
* the existing XML-based language scanners (Glade, GSettings, and
AppData) rewritten using ITS
* Add msgfmt --xml option to merge translations back to the
original XML document.
2016-04-12 -
- Add gettext-runtime-grep-2.24.patch: Fix test suite with
grep 2.24 (
2015-12-08 -
- Recommend  bison-lang by gettext-tools, as it is used by them.

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