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getmail is intended as a simple, secure, and reliable replacement for
This package contains the configuration, FAQ and troubleshooting
documentation, under /usr/share/doc/packages/getmail/


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Install Howto

Install getmail-doc rpm package:

# zypper install getmail-doc




2018-04-04 -
- Update to 5.6
* add Gmail-specific XOAUTH2 login support for IMAP.
* fix references to version 4 in README.
2017-12-28 -
- Update to 5.5
* added "record_mailbox" configuration parameter, to allow
turning off the header getmail adds with this information.
2017-10-13 -
- Version bump to 5.4
* bugfix: fix another error in logging an error condition. Thanks: "ng0".
- Changes from 5.3
* bugfix: another case where an error condition resulted in getmail
not displaying the correct message.  Thanks: "ng0".
- Changes from 5.2
* bugfix: disconnection during IMAP IDLE could result in an error
message rather than silently exiting.  Thanks: David Gray.
2017-07-18 -
- Version bump to 5.1
* bugfix: if password_command parameter was used with a non-existent
program, getmail would error out during the handling of that
condition and not report the problem correctly.
- Changes from 5.0
* new release numbering scheme; previous version numbers were just
getting too high.
* catch and ignore/exit cleanly after reset connection in IMAP IDLE
mode. Thanks:  Stephan Schulz.
* allow specifying an expected SSL certificate hostname, for when
the server's certificate does not match the domain name used to
connect to it.  Thanks:  "Andre".
* fix error message not actually giving the header field name
incorrectly specified as containing the envelope recipient address.
Thanks:  Hardy Braunsdorf.
* add new password_command configuration parameter for retrievers,
allowing getmail to retrieve the account password from any
arbitrary external command.  Suggestion:  "ng0".

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