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Adapta is a GTK+ theme based on Material Design Guidelines that was
created based on the Flat-Plat theme.
This package contains gedit themes.


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Install Howto

Install gedit-theme-adapta rpm package:

# zypper install gedit-theme-adapta




2018-09-05 - Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 3.94.149
* Changed autoconf default prefix from /usr to /usr/local` (,,
* Rewrote some parts of m4 macros.
2018-08-30 - Matthias Eliasson <>
- Update to version 3.94.143
* Revived "default" mode indicators in DashToDockExtension (Gnome-Shell).
* Rewrote GtkCursorHandle styling (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Added XfdesktopIconView styling (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Added a workaround for weird allocation of NotificationPluginApplet in
Xfce4-panel 4.12.2 (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Added one more style path for GtkSourceView-4.0 (
- Changes in
* Updated incognito-mode GtkHeaderBar styling for Ephy >= 3.29.91 (Gtk+ 3.24/4.0).
* Tweaked IbusEmojier label spacing a bit (Gtk+ 3.24/4.0).
* Stopped bundling our 'running-dots' assets in DashToDockExtension (Gnome-Shell).
- Changes in
* Updated the selector for legacy Nautilus's radial progress widget (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Polished experimental icon-view mode in Nautilus (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Dropped Chrome(ium) theming (Gtk+ 2.0).
* Dropped some workarounds carried for Electron (Gtk+ 3.24/4.0).
* Revived 1:1.1 aspect deformation workaround for Vala-Panel's IconTaskList (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
- Changes in
* Dropped Corebird styling completely (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Cleaned up some child scripts (
* Enabled GNU-parallel-ed SASSC processing for Gtk+ theming (
* Resync-ed with upstream changes in GtkEmojiChooser (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Added some more tweaks for Nautilus >= 3.29.90 (Gtk+ 3.24/4.0).
- Changes in
* Tweaked ClockAppletButton spacing in Mate-Panel (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Cleaned up NaTrayApplet style-properties (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Tweaked vertical layout Vala-Panel styling (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Set specific foreground colour on inactive tabs and new-tab button in
Refresh-mode in Chrome(ium) (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
+ But this will be ignored with >= 70.0.3521...
* Dropped a workaround for weird NTP top-edge border colour in Chrome(ium)
(Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
+ This will be landed with >= 70.0.3521...
* Tweaked colour definitions again (Tweetdeck-Colordeck).
* Updated OSK spacing for making x2 scaling suitable (Gnome-Shell 3.24/3.26, Cinnamon).
- Changes in
* Added --enable-tweetdeck build option for "Colordeck for Tweetdeck" extension colour support.
* Polished - "Switched to asset-based drop-shadows in GtkTooltip (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0)."
- Changes in
* Added Budgie 10.5 feature (upcoming) "overdrive sound volume" GtkScale styling (Gtk+ 3.22/3.24/4.0).
* Converted font-sensitive outer margins to fixed margins in GtkScale's sliders (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).
* Tweaked SpinScale trough colour in Inkscape (Gtk+ 3.2x/4.0).

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