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Provides translations for the "geany" package.


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geany = 1.34.1


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geany-lang = 1.34.1-lp151.1.1
geany-lang-all = 1.34.1


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Binary Package geany-lang-1.34.1-lp151.1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package geany-1.34.1-lp151.1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install geany-lang rpm package:

# zypper install geany-lang




2019-01-06 -
- Update to version 1.34.1:
+ Fix line breaking on existing lines.
+ Fix displaying filenames containing XML control chars inside
+ Updated translations.
2018-12-16 - Michael Ströder <>
- Update to version 1.34:
+ GTK version to build against is now automatically detected.
+ Show part of the file path to show unique items in the go to
symbol popup.
+ Fix high CPU usage with the Scope plugin.
+ Update Scintilla to version 3.10.0.
+ Fix display issues on Windows with HiDPI displays.
+ Fix line breaking with multi-byte characters.
+ Update Python 3.7 keywords and PHP 7.2 tags.
+ Updated translations.
2018-02-28 -
- Update to version 1.33:
+ Bug fixes: Fix the symbols tree hierarchy when several tags
have the same name (gh#geany/geany#1598).
+ Interface:
- Add a tooltip showing the full path on menu items
representing documents (gh#geany/geany#1706).
- Add a note for applying the indent settings in the project
preferences (gh#geany/geany#1650).
- Enable popup menu on sidebar and message window notebooks
- Show status message on attempt to execute empty context
action (gh#geany/geany#1642).
- GTK3 theming improvements and documentation
+ Filetypes: CSS: Update Grid properties (gh#geany/geany#1705).
* Updated translations.
2017-12-16 -
- Update to version 1.32
+ General:
- Improve CLI argument help (gh#geany/geany#1644).
- Keep the current tab when closing documents to the right of
another tab.
- Re-enable SIGTERM handling (gh#geany/geany#1255).
- Create correct path for filetype config files.
- Add an option to enable IME's candidate window display
- Add an option to automatically reload files changed on disk
+ Bug fixes:
- Fix backward compatibility of the geometry saving setting.
- Close "Deleted from Disk" Infobar on Reload.
- Make sure GDK_MOD2_MASK is cleared when getting modifiers
- Use non-symlinked VTE libraries on MacOS X.
- Fix crash if plugin manager is opened more than once.
- Fix incorrect variable reference.
+ Interface:
- Add "Close Documents to the Right" feature.
- Add an option to save/reload either window position or size,
but optionally not both (gh#geany/geany#1456).
+ Editor
- Update Scintilla to version 3.7.5 (gh#geany/geany#1503).
- Improve snippet support (visual indicators and more)
- Push current position to navqueue before navigating back
+ Filetypes:
- Add GNU assembler filetype extensions (gh#geany/geany#904).
- Make Python comment hash space (gh#geany/geany#1682).
- Add missing string and comment styles for various lexers
- Add missing PHP keywords, especially for PHP 7.x
- Python: Don't highlight sub-identifiers as keywords
+ Plugins: FileBrowser: don't change directory on project save
- Add `utils_get_real_path()` and deprecate
`tm_get_real_path()` (gh#geany/geany#1224).
- Add `geany_plugin_get_data()` (gh#geany/geany#1234).
- Add `keybindings_load_keyfile()` (gh#geany/geany#1430).
- Add `tm_tag_get_type()` (gh#geany/geany#1465).
+ HACKING: Add note about data types and update for best
practices (gh#geany/geany#1282).
+ Updated translations.
2017-08-26 -
- Update description: say more about what geany does.
2017-08-21 -
- Update description.

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