gdk-pixbuf-loader-rsvg-32bit - A gdk-pixbuf loader for SVG using librsvg

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This package contains a library to render SVG (scalable vector
graphics) data. This format has been specified by the W3C (see
This package provides a librsvg-based gdk-pixbuf loader.


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gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders-32bit - - - - - - -


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gdk-pixbuf-loader-rsvg-32bit = 2.42.3-lp151.2.67
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Binary Package gdk-pixbuf-loader-rsvg-32bit-2.42.3-lp151.2.67.x86_64.rpm
Source Package librsvg-2.42.3-lp151.2.67.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gdk-pixbuf-loader-rsvg-32bit rpm package:

# zypper install gdk-pixbuf-loader-rsvg-32bit




2018-03-05 -
- Update to version 2.42.3:
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#205: The configure script now checks for
Rust 1.20.0. Previously this minimum requirement was not
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#204: New feature: If an SVG has an <a> link
element, we now generate the corresponding link when
outputting to a Cairo PDF surface.  If you use rsvg-convert(1)
with PDF output, <a> links in the SVG will work in the PDF.
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#108: New feature: support font-size:larger
and font-size:smaller relative sizes.
+ New feature: rsvg-convert now supports SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to
generate reproducible output for PDFs.
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#197: New requirement: We now require
Freetype2 2.9.0, which fixes font rendering bugs. The test
reference PNGs have been regenerated with this version.
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#91: Fix rendering of masks and clips when
the initial transformation has a translation component.
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#112: Fix: apply style attributes for all SVG
elements, not just for the toplevel one.
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#161: Fix the marker angle for the last
vertex of closed paths.
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#198: Fix: Make rsvg_pixbuf_from_file() and
its derived functions work again.  Now we have tests for the
whole public API.
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#143: Minor optimizations for Gaussian blurs.
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#201: Minor speedups in the code to parse SVG
+ glgo#GNOME/librsvg#178: Fix some tests that failed on 32-bit
+ In addtion to --enable-debug/--disable-debug to control the
Rust compilation, now you can use an environment variable
LIBRSVG_DEBUG=yes / LIBRSVG_DEBUG=no if you wish.
+ Code moved to Rust: SVG paint servers, SVG attribute parsing.
+ We now use a Cargo workspace internally, to move more things to
- Add pkgconfig(freetype2) BuildRequires: New dependency.
2018-02-28 -
- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
2018-02-02 -
- Update to version 2.42.2:
+ Don't crash when feConvolveMatrix doesn't specify orderx/ordery
attributes (glgo#librsvg#193).
+ Parse stroke-dasharray property correctly. This code is in Rust
now; yay! (glgo#librsvg#136).
+ Don't render markers if they are zero-sized, per the spec.
+ Performance: eliminate a bunch of string copies during parsing.
+ Update rust-cssparser to 0.23.
2018-01-23 -
- Update to version 2.42.1:
+ Parse the transform attribute in a faster/simpler way. We now
use rust-cssparser instead of lalrpop.  This is especially
noticeable on SVGs with lots of "transform" attributes
+ Don't crash when setting a gradient on a zero-sized object
+ Inherit attributes in the <svg> element properly
+ rsvg-convert - fix error reporting when reading from stdin
+ Fix detection of image type in "data:" URIs when they don't
specify a MIME type (glgo#librsvg#152).
+ More stringent parsing of path data; better tests
+ Fix typos and links in the .md files.
2018-01-09 -
- Update to version 2.42.0:
+ Fix a memory leak in rsvg_handle_new_from_file().
+ Optimize the xml:space normalization function.
+ Fix a runtime warning in the feMergeNode code
+ Clarify documentation about the rsvg_*_sub() APIs
+ Stylistic fixes from cargo-clippy.
+ Port the Pango glue code to Rust.
+ New with a description of librsvg's internals.
- Clean up spec, use autosetup macro.

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