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Package name gcompris-qt-lang
Package version 0.96
Package release lp151.1.15
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Homepage http://gcompris.net
License GPL-3.0-or-later
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This package contains the bundle of translations for gcompris-qt.
More than 30 languages are available, and allow you to run
GCompris in different languages and play activities.


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gcompris-qt-lang - - -


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gcompris-qt = 0.96


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gcompris-qt-lang = 0.96-lp151.1.15
gcompris-qt-translations = 0.96-lp151.1.15


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gcompris-qt-translations < 0.96-lp151.1.15


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package gcompris-qt-lang-0.96-lp151.1.15.noarch.rpm
Source Package gcompris-qt-0.96-lp151.1.15.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install gcompris-qt-lang rpm package:

# zypper install gcompris-qt-lang




2019-03-04 - Bruno Friedmann <bruno@ioda-net.ch>
- Upgrade to version 0.96
+ Includes updated translation for several languages,
and a few bug fixes.
+ Translations that received a big update:
- Brazilian Portuguese (100%)
- Breton (100%)
- Finnish (90%)
- Indonesian (100%)
- Norwegian Nynorsk (97%)
- Polish (100%)
+ All download are now made with https.
+ Known issues: the progress bar for downloads doesn?t work
anymore due to https usage.
- Packaging small clean-up (trailing space)
2019-01-04 - Bruno Friedmann <bruno@ioda-net.ch>
- Upgrade to version 0.95
+ New activities
Binary bulbs: to learn how to count in binary
Railroad activity: to train visual memory
Solar System: to learn about our solar system
Name that Note: to learn to recognize musical notes and names
Play Piano: to train reading notes on a score
Play Rhythm: to train following a musical rhythm
Piano Composition: to learn composition of a musical score
+ Languages
15 languages fully supported
19 languages partially supported (<80% translated)
Time to help the project, see website
+ OpenGL is now tried by default, if not working you can still
use software rendering see release note howto do that
+ This is the last release that support Qt 5.6 (Leap 42.3)
- Packaging
+ Remove upstream merged patch 35278731_0.91_backport.patch
+ Renew spec file with spec-cleaner
2018-06-11 - bruno@ioda-net.ch
- Really fix 42.3 with defined %mail_build
2018-06-11 - bruno@ioda-net.ch
- Backport upstream fix qt5_use_modules is deprecated in Qt 5.11
2018-05-21 - bruno@ioda-net.ch
- Fix broken build Leap 42.3 by defining %make_build if not exist
2018-05-20 - astieger@suse.com
- add upstring keyring to verify source signature
2018-05-17 - bruno@ioda-net.ch
- Upgrade to new 0.91 version
summary of changes
+ Activities:
- fix English text in several activities
- fix score position in several activities
- block some buttons and interactions when needed in several
- lots of fixes for audio in several activities
- number_sequence (and others based on it), fix base layout
- update dataset for clickanddraw, drawnumbers and drawletters
- crane, add localized dataset
- lightsoff, add keyboard support and other fixes
- algorithm, add keyboard support and other fixes
- money, fixes for locale currency used
- ballcatch, improve audio feedback
- calendar, several little fixes
- memory-case-association fix icons size
Other changes:
- re-enable sound effects on linux
- improved playback of sound effects, no more delay
- add captions to images and OARS tags in the appdata
- add Scottish Gaelic to core, and update some datasets for it
- main bar, fix some items size
- remove unused images
+ Translations
16 languages fully supported: British English, Catalan, Catalan
(Valencian), Chinese Traditional, Dutch, French, Greek,
Indonesian, Irish Gaelic, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian,
Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian.
15 languages partially supported: Norwegian Nynorsk (97%), Hindi
(96%), Turkish (90%), Scottish Gaelic (86%), Galician (86%),
Brazilian Portuguese (84%), Belarusian (84%), German (81%),
Chinese Simplified (79%), Russian (78%), Estonian (77%), Slovak
(76%), Finnish (76%), Slovenian (69%), Breton (65%).
If you want to help completing one of these translations or
adding a new one, please contact upstream.
2018-03-20 - mimi.vx@gmail.com
- Provide and obsolette original gtk gcompris
- use secure optflags on all distributions.
- and use proper cmake macros for build

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