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GNU awk is upwardly compatible with the System V Release 4 awk.  It is
almost completely POSIX 1003.2 compliant.


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Install Howto

Install gawk rpm package:

# zypper install gawk




2018-02-26 -
- GNU awk 4.2.1:
* documentation updates
* In MPFR mode, When ROUNDMODE changes, string values for
numerically type values will be redone
* various bug fixes
* drop fold-string.patch, upstream
- Use %license (boo#1082318)
2017-10-21 -
- fold-string.patch: Don't fold constant strings if either is translatable
2017-10-19 -
- Update to gawk 4.2.0
* If not in POSIX mode, changes to ENVIRON are reflected into
gawk's environment
* The series of numbers returned by rand() should now be "more
random" than previously
* Multiple changes related to the pretty printer
* The igawk script and igawk.1 man page are no longer installed
* Gawk now processes a maximum of two hexadecimal digits in \x
escape sequences inside strings
* Setting PROCINFO["redirection", "NONFATAL"] to true makes I/O
errors for "redirection" not fatal
* Gawk now supports retryable I/O via PROCINFO[input-file, "RETRY"]
* Revisions in the POSIX standard remove the special case for POSIX
mode when FS = " " where newline was not a field separator
* Gawk now supports strongly typed regexp constants
* The new typeof() function can be used to indicate if a variable or
array element is an array, regexp, string or number
* Optimizations are now enabled by default
* Passing negative operands to any of the bitwise functions now
produces a fatal error
* The mktime function now accepts an optional second argument
* The FIELDWIDTHS parsing syntax has been enhanced to allow specifying
how many characters to skip before a field starts
* The PROCINFO["argv"] array records all of gawk's command line arguments
as gawk received them
- gawk_ppc64le_ignore_transient_test_time_failure.patch: removed
2017-10-11 -
- also ignore transient test time failure on ppc64
2017-04-10 -
- Added an explicit rpmlint rule to keep one file (gawkapi.h)
from requiring a separate package.
2016-09-05 -
* GNU awk 4.1.4:
* z/OS support updated
* debugger improvements
* return value of system() enhanced to convey more information
* two-way pipe handling improved
* The -d option now allows -d- to print to standard output.
* The DJGPP port is now officially deprecated.
2016-05-04 -
- new gawk_ppc64le_ignore_transient_test_time_failure.patch
2015-05-23 -
- GNU awk 4.1.3:
* Regexp parsing with extra brackets should now be working again.
* Updated to latest config.guess and config.sub.
* bug fixes
2015-05-07 -
- skip frequently failing and timing dependent test strftime
2015-05-07 -
- Correct info files scriplet handling section
- Update info and update-alternatives requirements

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