file-magic - Database for libmagic to help identify files

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Package filename file-magic-5.32-lp151.7.22.noarch.rpm
Package name file-magic
Package version 5.32
Package release lp151.7.22
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category Productivity/File utilities
License BSD-2-Clause
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This package contains the basic magic files that libmagic reads and uses
to estimate a file's type.


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file-magic - - -


Name Value
config(file-magic) = 5.32-lp151.7.22
file-magic = 5.32-lp151.7.22
libmagic-data = 5.32


Name Value
libmagic-data < 5.32


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Binary Package file-magic-5.32-lp151.7.22.noarch.rpm
Source Package file-5.32-lp151.7.22.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install file-magic rpm package:

# zypper install file-magic




2019-02-21 - Dr. Werner Fink <>
- Add patch 0002-PR-62-spinpx-limit-size-of-file_printable.patch to
fix bsc#1126117, bsc#1126118, and bsc#1126119 for CVE-2019-8905,
CVE-2019-8906, and CVE-2019-8907
2018-06-12 -
- Add patch file-a642587a9c.patch for bsc#1096974, bsc#1096984, and
CVE-2018-10360 -- Avoid reading past the end of buffer
2018-02-22 -
- Use %license (boo#1082318)
2018-01-22 -
- Add patch file-5.32-ncurses-6.1.patch to support extend magic
format for new ncurses 6.1
2017-10-08 -
- Update package summaries. Replace old RPM constructs.
- Remove --with-pic which is useless with --disable-static.
- Edit to remove dead python3 file.
2017-09-26 -
- remove python build instructions from master spec file, move completely
into python-magic.spec
2017-09-13 -
- Update to file version 5.32
* Always reset state in {file,buffer}_apprentice (Krzysztof Wilczynski)
* Fix always true condition (Thomas Jarosch)
* pickier parsing of numeric values in magic files.
* PR/615 add magic_getflags()
- This release fix the bug bsc#1056838 for CVE-2017-1000249
- Remove patch file-5.31-fix-tga.dif as now upstream
- Rename patch file-5.31.dif which now becomes file-5.32.dif
- Modify the patches
* file-5.16-ocloexec.patch
* file-5.19-biorad.dif
* file-5.19-printf.dif
* file-5.23-endian.patch
* file-5.28-btrfs-image.dif
2017-06-05 -
- add file-5.31-fix-tga.dif upstream commited after I reported
a failure in File::Unpack's test suite
2017-05-24 -
- Update to file version 5.31
* remove trailing spaces from magic files
* refactor is_tar
* better bounds checks for cdf
- Remove patches now upstream
* file-5.30-150735.patch
* file-5.30-3c60e5.patch
- Rename patch file-5.30.dif which becomes file-5.31.dif
- Modify the patches
* file-4.24-autoconf.dif
* file-5.14-tex.dif
* file-5.16-ocloexec.patch
* file-5.19-printf.dif
* file-5.23-endian.patch
2017-03-02 -
- Update to file version 5.30
* If we exceeded the offset in a search return no match
(Christoph Biedl)
* Be more lenient on corrupt CDF files (Christoph Biedl)
* pacify ubsan sign extension (oss-fuzz/524)
* off by one in cdf parsing (PR/593)
* report debugging sections in elf (PR/591)
* Allow @@@ in extensions
* Add missing overflow check in der magic (Jonas Wagner)
- Mofify the patches
- Rename patch file-5.29.dif to file-5.30.dif
- Add upstream patches

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