fence-agents-devel - Fence Agents for High Availability

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Package version 4.2.1+git.1537269352.7b1fd536
Package release lp151.1.2
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Fence agents are device drivers able to prevent computers from
destroying data on shared storage. Their aim is to isolate a
corrupted computer by controlling power, network or storage
configuration. This package provides agents suitable only for


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fence-agents = 4.2.1+git.1537269352.7b1fd536


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fence-agents-devel = 4.2.1+git.1537269352.7b1fd536-lp151.1.2
fence-agents-devel(x86-64) = 4.2.1+git.1537269352.7b1fd536-lp151.1.2


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Binary Package fence-agents-devel-4.2.1+git.1537269352.7b1fd536-lp151.1.2.x86_64.rpm
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Install Howto

Install fence-agents-devel rpm package:

# zypper install fence-agents-devel




2018-09-26 - kgronlund@suse.com
- Update to version 4.2.1+git.1537269352.7b1fd536:
* fence_vmware_soap: cleanup when receiving SIGTERM
* fence_cisco_ucs: encode POSTFIELDS
* Update fence_rcd_serial to correct vendor URL
* fence_aliyun: correct indentation for *key in help
* fence_aliyun: list instance names and show up to 100 instances (fate#326557)
* fence-rhevm: improve error reporting.
* fence_impilan/fence_ilo_ssh: iLO5-support
* fence_rhevm: improve indentation and metadata
* fence_compute/fence_evacuate/fence_rhevm: dont use has_key (not supported in Python 3)
* fence_rhevm fixing help for plug param
* fence_kdump: fix strncpy issue
* fence_evacuate: fix evacuable tag mix issue
2018-08-09 - kgronlund@suse.com
- Update to version 4.2.1+git.1532964592.3ae5b58e:
* fence_aliyun: Add Aliyun fence agent. (fate#326557)
* fence_gce: add power cycle as default method
* fence_gce: set project and zone as not required
* fence_gce: add support for stackdriver logging
* fence_ilo3/fence_ipmilan: show correct default method (onoff) in help
* fence_mpath: add watchdog support
* fence_amt_ws: create metadata without agent specific libs
- Drop obsolete patch:
* Remove 0002-Build-without-openwsman-installed.patch
2018-06-27 - kgronlund@suse.com
- Unify source package with SLE 12 and Leap 42:
* fencing: include timestamps when logging to STDERR and debug file (bsc#1049852)
- Obsoletes the following patches (SLE 12 and Leap 42):
* 0001-fence_compute-Only-list-nova-compute-services-when-g.patch
* 0002-fence_compute-Don-t-list-hypervisors-but-nova-comput.patch
* 0003-fence_compute-Do-not-override-domain-if-it-is-alread.patch
* 0004-fence_compute-Fix-handling-of-domain-None.patch
* 0005-fence_compute-Fix-fix_domain-to-not-return-too-early.patch
* 0006-fence_compute-Fix-fix_plug_name-when-looking-if-plug.patch
* 0007-fence_compute-Remove-duplicate-check-for-binary-name.patch
* 0009-fence_compute-Fix-disabling-force_down-on-node-when-.patch
* 0010-Make-pywsman-dependency-optional.patch
* 0011-fencing-include-timestamps-when-logging-to-STDERR-an.patch
2018-06-25 - kgronlund@suse.com
- Unify spec file for python 2 and 3
- Enable build for python 2
* Add 0002-Build-without-openwsman-installed.patch
2018-06-20 - kgronlund@suse.com
- Update to version 4.2.1+git.1529316875.1a39345b:
* fence_vmware_soap: fix Python 3 suds issue
* Added python-novaclient and python-keystoneclient in configure.ac
* novaclient 1.1 depcrecated, so making changes for novaclient
* Python keystoneclient also included to pacify CI
* Changed travis to include pythomn-novaclient
* Fencing Agent for Openstack
* fence_scsi: fix python3 encoding error #206
* fence_ipmilan: add missing fence_ilo3 and fence_ilo4 metadata
* fence_scsi: match device names using re.MULTILINE to avoid duplicating names in /var/run/cluster/fence_scsi.dev
* fence_gce: use default credentials from googleapiclient
* run_command: fix Python 3 encoding issue
- Drop merged patches:
* Remove 0002-fence_gce-fix-regression-missing-import-googleapicli.patch
* Remove 0003-fence_gce-fix-regression-missing-import-oauth2client.patch
* Remove 0004-fence_gce-use-default-credentials-from-googleapiclie.patch
* Remove 0005-run_command-fix-Python-3-encoding-issue.patch
- Enable GCE fence agent for all targets (fate#325539) (bsc#1088358)
- Enable fence_openstack agent (bsc#1097803)
2018-05-17 - kgronlund@suse.com
- run_command: fix Python 3 encoding issue (bsc#1082871)
- fence_gce: use default credentials from googleapiclient
- fence_gce: fix regression - missing import oauth2client.client
- fence_gce: fix regression - missing import googleapiclient.discovery
- Add 0002-fence_gce-fix-regression-missing-import-googleapicli.patch
- Add 0003-fence_gce-fix-regression-missing-import-oauth2client.patch
- Add 0004-fence_gce-use-default-credentials-from-googleapiclie.patch
- Add 0005-run_command-fix-Python-3-encoding-issue.patch

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