fcitx-skin-dark - Fcitx Dark Skin

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Package release lp151.2.5
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Homepage https://github.com/fcitx/fcitx
License GPL-2.0-or-later
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Fcitx dark skin.
You can either use this package for download from kde-look.org using knewstaff in fcitx-config-kde4.


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fcitx-skin-dark - - -


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fcitx =


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fcitx-skin-dark =


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package fcitx-skin-dark-
Source Package fcitx-

Install Howto

Install fcitx-skin-dark rpm package:

# zypper install fcitx-skin-dark




2018-03-29 - i@marguerite.su
- update
* [ipcportal] close connection first
* [gtk] workaround libreoffice surrounding text issue
* decrease the length of clipboard limit to 256 bytes
* [gtk] use symbolic color name to lookup selected color
- change fcitx-gtk2 and fcitx-qt4 from Requires to Recommends
- add fcitx-cmake-3.1.patch, downgrade cmake requirement to 3.1
again for Leap
2018-02-27 - dimstar@opensuse.org
- Add pkgconfig(xkbfile) BuildRequires: in the past, this used to
be pulled in by libqt4, but since our own code depends on it, and
not Qt4, it is our own duty to request our build dependencies.
- Package COPYING is %license, not as %doc.
2017-11-11 - i@marguerite.su
- update
* [qt] remove quickphrase editor, moved to qt5
* [misc] forget to remove the add_directory for quickphrase editor
* fcitx-configtool.desktop: Remove MimeType entry
* [frontend] add a compatibility layer for ofd.portal.Fcitx
* [gtk] run clang-format on gtk libraries
* [gclinet] remove a undefined function
* set display for fcitx and harden dbus frontend with sender verification
* extend dbus module to be able to accept external dbus connection
* [ipcportal] fix signal sending in portal
* [qt] delay the recheck on availability, but does do the recheck
* [portal] put ipc portal in queue
* [qt] do the real unwatch
* [misc] make more optional disabled option for easier flatpak
* [table] make sure we don't download table data if we disable table
- changes in
* [gtk, kimpanel] add relative coordinate support
* [kimpanel] check null before use ic
* [kimpanel] correctly reset relative spot state
* [notificationitem] Reply event method call
- changes in
* [core] Make sure when RealEnd is called, instance->destroy == true
- changes in
* [notificationitem] avoid unnecessary xembed tray icon fallback
* [classicui] give tray icon a default size
* [qt] fix inconsistency when handling qstring and ucs4 string
* [classicui] Watch for dockWindow visual property change
* [qt] fromUcs4 expect a nul terminated string by default, give it a size
* [core] Expose internal show input speed function
* logging should not include the build path(boo#951602)
* autostart desktop file should not be shown(boo#968486)
* [qt] replace QPointer with raw pointer in icdata
* [notificationitem] display layout under unity
* [diagnose] Print info about dbus name owner
* Include emoji short codes ("emoji alpha codes")
* [notificationitem] Fix a bug in plugin entry
* [core] Add a new hook to watch ui status changed
* [xim] handle reset ic
* [utils] Improve process name detection on *BSD
* [quickphrase] use some different character, original one looks bad under noto
* [misc] use RTLD_NODELETE for all dlopen
* Call sem_post() only on valid semaphore
* [unicode] Update Unicode 9.0 descriptions
* [classicui] Check XShape version before using it
* [remote] exit the loop after trying 20 times
* Require bash in fcitx-cmake-helper.sh
* [xim] fix a memset
* [pinyin] fix missing files
* [dbus] fix a wrong dbus destruct order that my cause deadlock on exit
* [xkb] handle some corner case for any evil third party that override layout
* [xkb, xkbdbus] add support for our gnome-shell kimpanel dbus helper
* [xkb] fix circular deps between xkb and xkbdbus
* [gclient] try to eliminate a warning for configtool
* [misc] enforce c99 for compiler
* [core] call backtrace() ahead to let it finish init()
* [misc] remove a dup define
* [unicode] enable prev/next key and enter to choose for unicode
* [gtk] fix wrong gobject add weak pointer
* [misc] use unsigned int instead for portability
* Remove deprecated api in enchant so we can also support 2.1.0.
* Fix bashism/use correct shebang
- drop fcitx-autostart-desktop-no-display.patch, upstreamed
- drop fcitx-use-basename-for-log.patch, upstreamed
- drop boo954623.patch, upstreamed

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