exo-branding-openSUSE - openSUSE Branding of exo

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Distribution openSUSE Leap 15.1
Repository openSUSE Oss all
Package filename exo-branding-openSUSE-4.12.0-lp151.8.3.noarch.rpm
Package name exo-branding-openSUSE
Package version 4.12.0
Package release lp151.8.3
Package architecture noarch
Package type rpm
Category System/GUI/XFCE
Homepage http://www.opensuse.org/
License CC-BY-SA-3.0 and GPL-2.0+
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This package provides the openSUSE look and feel for the exo library.


Package Version Architecture Repository
exo-branding-openSUSE - - -


Name Value
config(exo-branding-openSUSE) = 4.12.0-lp151.8.3
exo-branding = 0.12.4
exo-branding-openSUSE = 4.12.0-lp151.8.3
libexo-1-0-branding-openSUSE = 4.12.0


Name Value
otherproviders(exo-branding) -
otherproviders(libexo-1-0-branding) -


Name Value
libexo-1-0-branding-openSUSE <= 4.12.0


Type URL
Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package exo-branding-openSUSE-4.12.0-lp151.8.3.noarch.rpm
Source Package xfce4-branding-openSUSE-4.12.0-lp151.8.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install exo-branding-openSUSE rpm package:

# zypper install exo-branding-openSUSE




2019-01-21 - Maurizio Galli <maurizio.galli@gmail.com>
- Change cursor to DMZ-Black to match system default.
This change makes Yast no longer have a different cursor.
2018-12-16 - Maurizio Galli <maurizio.galli@gmail.com>
- fixed panel plugins id to prevent issues with old configs
- resized xfwm4 titlebar font
- added Noto Sans in xfwm4 Requires
- status-notifier to use squared icons by default for better spacing
2018-12-06 - Maurizio Galli <maurizio.galli@gmail.com>
- New default look:
* Mint-Y-Teal-Darker GTK and xfwm4 theme
* Elementary-xfce icon theme
* Noto Sans as default font
* Hack as default monospace font
* Font hinting and rbg enabled by default
* Changed default panel plugins
2018-11-29 - Maurizio Galli <maurizio.galli@gmail.com>
- removed midori branding
2018-08-16 - seife+obs@b1-systems.com
- xfce4-panel-branding-openSUSE:
* add statusnotifier plugin
* add notification plugin (from xfce4-notifyd)
2018-03-07 - seife+obs@b1-systems.com
- revert last change, branding package has been fixed
2018-02-04 - seife+obs@b1-systems.com
- fix openSUSE splash screen
2018-01-02 - seife+obs@b1-systems.com
- fix spelling of "Adwaita" in index.theme (boo#1074269)
2017-12-28 - florian.koch1981@gmail.com
- use adwaita-icon-theme instead of gnome-icon-theme
as fallback icon theme
The reasons for this change are that Upstream gnome no
longer uses gnome-icon-theme, and to save space on te Thumbleweed
rescue CD, requested by DimStar
- fix /etc/xfce_defaults.conf not declared as %conf
2017-10-11 - seife+obs@b1-systems.com
- use plugin-pulseaudio instead of plugin-mixer
- recommend pavucontrol and plugin-pulseaudio instead of xfe4-mixer

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