erlang-dialyzer-src - Erlang/OTP dialyzer application sources

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Erlang sources for the dialyzer application in the Erlang/OTP system.
They are useful for educational purpose and as a base for creating
embedded systems.


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Install Howto

Install erlang-dialyzer-src rpm package:

# zypper install erlang-dialyzer-src




2018-12-09 -
- Update to (boo#1118869)
- Changes for
* asn1: Handle erroneous length during decode (BER only) without
- Changes for
* ssh: Incompatibility with newer OpenSSH fixed. Previously
versions 7.8 and later could cause Erlang SSH to exit.
- Changes for
* ssl: Add engine support for RSA key exchange
- Changes for
* erts: List subtraction (The -- operator) will now yield properly
on large inputs.
* stdlib: List subtraction (The -- operator) will now yield
properly on large inputs.
* ssl: Extend check for undelivered data at closing, could under
some circumstances fail to deliverd all data that was acctualy
- Changes for
* erts: ERTS internal trees of monitor structures could get into
an inconsistent state. This could cause 'DOWN' messages not to
be delivered when they should, as well as delivery of 'DOWN'
messages that should not be delivered.
- Changes for
* erts: Fixed bug in ets:select_replace when called with a fully
bound key could cause a following call to ets:next or ets:prev
to crash the emulator or return invalid result.
* eldap: A race condition at close could cause the eldap client to
exit with a badarg message as cause.
2018-09-30 - Dirk Mueller <>
- update to
- Changes for
* Fix a regression in OTP-15204 that removed .beam file metadata
- Changes for
* inets: Do not use chunked-encoding with 1xx, 204 and 304
responses when using mod_esi
* inets: Add robust handling of chunked-encoded HTTP responses
with an empty body (1xx, 204, 304)
- Changes for
* crypto: Update the crypto engine functions to handle multiple
loads of an engine
* mnesia: Fixed a bug where the bag table index data was not
deleted when objects were deleted.
2018-08-15 -
- Update to
* inets: Change status code for no mod found to handle request
to 501

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