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Package version 0.22.3
Package release lp151.3.5
Package architecture x86_64
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License BSD-2-Clause
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Documentation of Enlightenment in form of HTML pages.


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enlightenment-doc-html - - -


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enlightenment-doc-html = 0.22.3-lp151.3.5
enlightenment-doc-html(x86-64) = 0.22.3-lp151.3.5


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e17-doc-html -


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package enlightenment-doc-html-0.22.3-lp151.3.5.x86_64.rpm
Source Package enlightenment-0.22.3-lp151.3.5.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install enlightenment-doc-html rpm package:

# zypper install enlightenment-doc-html




2018-03-23 - sflees@suse.de
- 0.22.3
* T6779 Fix screenlock regression
* T6784 enlightenment_open still uses deprecated defaults.list
* remove pulse - wayland hack thats no longer needed
2018-03-15 - sflees@suse.de
- 0.22.2
* T5910    systray related crashes.
* T6202    luncher: popup focus issue.
* T6211    Login with wrong password possible! "Authentication via PAM had errors setting up the authentication session. The error code was 11"
* T6259    BSD CPUClock bryce gadget - arrow moves in the opposite direction
* T6328    luncher preview issues
* T6414    e moves and resizes maximized windows on restart
* T6454    Copy Paste freezes E.
* T6617    Better check for evas gl support
* T6619    Black flicker between E's splash screen and desktop
* T6623    moving gadgets around multiple times crashes E
* T6633    make it simpler to report bugs
* T6644    wayland / xwayland issues
* T6721    Make Bryce Less like a pogostick
* T6722    lockscreen gadgets are not shown on "startup lockscreen" and "suspend lockscreen"
* T6723    window borders doesn't accept edje icons
* Other miscolanious fixes
- Don't ship wayland desktop file in Leap 15 (but build support)
- Fix desktop files not to symlink to each other
- Add feature-qt-apps-gtk2-theme.patch to set a style for Qt apps
they look rather broken otherwise
2017-11-30 - sflees@suse.de
- Remove sysactions.conf - not needed when systemd is available
2017-11-09 - sflees@suse.de
- 0.22.1
* Bugs fixed
* T5883 	screen blank: mouse click broken after waking from screem blank.
* T6258 	E22 freezes on bryce manipulations
* T6288 	Luncher app popup doesn't update from different VD
* T6316 	enlightenment-0.22.0/src/bin/e_intl.c: unbounded file read ?
* T6322 	No input on Logout problems window.
* Other noteable changes
* music-control - install properly with meson build with icon
* Adding danish strings to desktop files
2017-11-03 - sflees@suse.de
- 0.22.0 Release
* Greatly improved Wayland support
* Improvements to new gadget infrastructure
* Added a sudo/ssh askpass utility gui
* tiling policy improvements
* integrated per-window volume controls
2017-09-14 - sflees@suse.de
- 0.22.0 alpha test package
2017-08-23 - sflees@suse.de
- Update to 0.21.9 fixing a number of issues including
* T4648
* T4887
* T5258
* T5370
* T5521
* T5599
* T5601
* T5604
* T5606
* T5654
* T5664
* T5666
* T5678
* T5693
* T5700
* T5714
* T5738
* T5817
2017-06-28 - sflees@suse.de
- fix feature-wizard-auto-lang.patch to work again
- fix update-alternatives usage.
- Remove systemd handling not needed for user services
2017-05-24 - sflees@suse.de
- Update to 0.21.8 Fixing a number of issues including the following
* T3144
* T5262
* T5288
* T5340
* T5348
* T5418
* T5444
* T5464
2017-05-17 - fvogt@suse.com
- Use update-alternatives to create default.desktop xsession (boo#1030873)

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