easy-rsa - CLI utility to build and manage a PKI CA

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easy-rsa is a CLI utility to build and manage a Public Key Infrastructure
(PKI). Once the Certificate Authority (CA) is created, you can request and sign
certificates, including sub-CAs, and create Certificate Revokation Lists (CRL).


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config(easy-rsa) = 3.0.6-lp151.1.1
easy-rsa = 3.0.6-lp151.1.1


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Binary Package easy-rsa-3.0.6-lp151.1.1.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

Install easy-rsa rpm package:

# zypper install easy-rsa




2019-02-12 - Tuukka Pasanen <tuukka.pasanen@ilmi.fi>
- update to 3.0.6 (2019-02-01)
* Certifcates that are revoked now move to a revoked subdirectory (#63)
* EasyRSA no longer clobbers non-EASYRSA environment variables (#277)
* More sane string checking, allowingn for commas in CN (#267)
* Support for reasonCode in CRL (#280)
* Better handling for capturing passphrases (#230, others)
* Improved LibreSSL/MacOS support
* Adds support to renew certificates up to 30 days before expiration (#286)
- This changes previous behavior allowing for certificate creation using
duplicate CNs.
- update and rebase suse-packaging.patch
2018-11-30 - chris@computersalat.de
- update to 3.0.5
* Fix #17 & #58: use AES256 for CA key
* Also, don't use read -s, use stty -echo
* Fix broken "nopass" option
* Add -r to read to stop errors reported by shellcheck (and to behave)
* remove overzealous quotes around $pkcs_opts (more SC errors)
- update and rebase suse-packaging.patch
* fix: set_var EASYRSA in vars.example
- fix License
2018-01-28 - seroton10@gmail.com
- Upgrade to version 3.0.4
* Remove use of egrep (#154)
* Finally(?) fix the subjectAltName issues (really fixes #168)
- Improve RPM description
2017-10-18 - astieger@suse.com
- update release tarball instead of git snapshot
- add upstream signing keyring and verify source signature
2017-10-16 - seroton10@gmail.com
- Update to version 3.0.3
- Rename easy-rsa-packaging.patch to suse-packaging.patch
- Remove obsolete upstream patches:
* f174800.patch
* 29d4dee.patch
* b93d0a1.patch
* fb4d8d8.patch
* b75faa4.patch
* 6436eaf.patch
* e9e8e27.patch
* 534f673.patch
* d20d2b3.patch
* 4eac410.patch
* a138c0d.patch
* 83a1a21.patch
2017-08-23 - seroton10@gmail.com
- Include upstream patches:
+ 4eac410.patch
Fix string comprehension
+ a138c0d.patch
Fix incorrect "openssl rand" usage
+ 83a1a21.patch
Add --copy-ext option
2017-07-28 - seroton10@gmail.com
- Include upstream patches:
+ d20d2b3.patch
Update docs and examples to fit changes in 534f673
- Adapted easy-rsa-packaging.patch to work with upstream patch
2017-07-24 - seroton10@gmail.com
- Include upstream patches:
+ 534f673.patch
Make $PWD/pki the default PKI location
- Adapted easy-rsa-packaging.patch to work with upstream patch
- Treat /etc/easy-rsa as public default config, no default vars
2017-07-18 - seroton10@gmail.com
- Include upstream patches:
+ 6436eaf.patch
Add CN as SAN (if none requested) on server certs by default
+ e9e8e27.patch
Moved @ValdikSS's serial randomization to sign_req
2017-06-05 - seroton10@gmail.com
- Undo removal of .md suffix on markdown documentation

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