dunst - A customizable notification daemon

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Dunst is a customizable replacement for the notification daemons
provided by most desktop environments.


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dunst = 1.3.2-lp151.2.2
dunst(x86-64) = 1.3.2-lp151.2.2


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Binary Package dunst-1.3.2-lp151.2.2.x86_64.rpm
Source Package dunst-1.3.2-lp151.2.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install dunst rpm package:

# zypper install dunst




2018-05-06 -
- update to version 1.3.2
* Fix crash when loading invalid or corrupt icon file
- minor cleanup with spec-cleaner
- use %make_install macro
2018-02-20 -
- add makefile.patch to fix service installation
2018-02-11 -
- Trim filler wording from description.
2018-02-07 -
- specfile:
* updated copyright year
* changed dependency gdk-2.0 to gdk-pixbuf-2.0
- update to version 1.3.1
* Race condition resulting in the service files being empty (#488)
- changes from version 1.3.0:
* Added
+ ellipsize option to control how long lines should be ellipsized
when word_wrap is set to false (#374)
+ A beginning tilde of a path is now expanded to the home of the
current user (#351)
+ The image-path hint is now respected, as GApplications send
their icon only via this link (#447)
+ The (legacy) image_data hint is now respected (#353)
+ If dunst can't acquire the DBus name, dunst prints the PID of
the process holding the name (#458 #460)
+ Increased accuracy of timeouts by using microseconds internally
(#379 #291)
+ Support for specifying timeout values in milliseconds, minutes,
hours, or days. (#379)
+ Support for HTML img tags (via context menu) (#428)
* Fixed
+ new_icon rule being ignored on notifications that had a raw icon
+ Format strings being replaced recursively in some cases (#322
+ DBus related memory leaks (#397)
+ Crash on X11 servers with RandR support less than 1.5. (#413
+ Silently reading the default config file, if -conf did not
specify a valid file (#452)
+ Notification window flickering when a notification is replaced
(#320 #415)
+ Inaccurate timeout in some cases (#291 #379)
* Changed
+ Transient hints are now handled (#343 #310) An additional rule
option (match_transient and set_transient) is added to
optionally reset the transient setting
+ HTML links are now referred to by their text in the context menu
rather than numbers (#428)
+ icon_folders setting renamed to icon_path (#170)
+ config.def.h and config.h got merged (#371)
+ The dependency on GTK3+ has been removed. Instead of GTK3+,
dunst now requires gdk-pixbuf which had been a transient
dependency before. (#334 #376)
+ The _GNU_SOURCE macros had been removed to make dunst portable
to nonGNU systems (#403)
+ Internal refactorings of the notification queue handling. (#411)
+ Dunst does now install the systemd and dbus service files into
their proper location given by pkg-config. Use
SERVICEDIR_(DBUS|SYSTEMD) params to overwrite them. (#463)

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