dracut-kiwi-oem-dump - KIWI - Dracut module for oem(install) image type

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Distribution openSUSE Leap 15.1
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Package filename dracut-kiwi-oem-dump-9.17.15-lp151.1.1.x86_64.rpm
Package name dracut-kiwi-oem-dump
Package version 9.17.15
Package release lp151.1.1
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category System/Management
Homepage https://github.com/SUSE/kiwi
License GPL-3.0-or-later
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This package contains the kiwi-dump dracut module which is
used to install an oem image onto a target disk. It implements
a simple installer which allows for user selected target disk
or unattended installation to target. The source of the image
to install could be either from media(CD/DVD/USB) or from


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dracut-kiwi-oem-dump - - -


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/bin/bash -
dracut-kiwi-lib -
gawk -
kexec-tools -
multipath-tools -


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dracut-kiwi-oem-dump = 9.17.15-lp151.1.1
dracut-kiwi-oem-dump(x86-64) = 9.17.15-lp151.1.1


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Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package dracut-kiwi-oem-dump-9.17.15-lp151.1.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package python-kiwi-9.17.15-lp151.1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install dracut-kiwi-oem-dump rpm package:

# zypper install dracut-kiwi-oem-dump




2019-04-05 - ms@suse.de
- Bump version: 9.17.14 ? 9.17.15
2019-04-01 - ms@suse.de
- Update compression flag for qcow2 format
In case of a qcow2 format we store the result uncompressed
Since the format conversion only takes the real bytes into
account such that the sparseness of the raw disk will not
result in the output format and can be taken one by one
This Fixes bsc#1128146
In addition the commit includes a refactoring for the
evaluation of the compress flag in the runtime config.
Instead of the global overwrite, the flag gets evaluated
individually at the time the result metadata is created
2019-02-27 - ms@suse.de
- Bump version: 9.17.13 ? 9.17.14
2019-02-21 - ms@suse.de
- Fixed disk detection from root device
The method lookup_disk_device_from_root assigns the disk device
matching the root device uuid. However in a multipath environment
multiple disk devices matches the same root device. The code to
assign the multipath map in this case was missing in the dracut
code base. This Fixes #954 and Fixes bsc#1126283 and bsc#1126318
2019-01-31 - ms@suse.de
- Fixup code issues reported by new flake8 version
Travis has updated the flake8 version which caused more
strict issue reports on the code. This commit fixes the
new issues reported by flake8
2019-01-31 - ms@suse.de
- Changed default value for bundler compression
If no compression is configured in the kiwi config file
the default was set to: False. However this lead to big
trouble on the obs side for images which has fixed
storage disk sizes configured, e.g Azure images which
requests 30G disk size per instance. Thus the default
for the bundler compression has changed to be: True
2019-01-29 - ms@suse.de
- Bump version: 9.16.19 ? 9.17.13
This version upgrade contains fixes for:
* Support alternative EFI and grub modules paths
In SUSE products EFI binaries are historically located in
/usr/lib*/efi. In a recent move to package grub2 as noarch
fate#326960, a collision between x86_64 and aarch64 has been
identified, as both place platform-specific files in the same
spot. To rectify this, a new location was devised:
/usr/share/efi/$(uname -m). At the same time /usr/lib/grub2 will
move to /usr/share/grub2. This Fixes #924
* Fixed Xen guest detection
We only support Xen setup e.g in the Amazon Cloud for the
x86_64 architecture. This Fixes bsc#1123186 and bsc#1123185
* Fixed location of grub unicode font file
grub2 is expecting the unicode font below the fonts
directory in the /boot/grub*/ depending on how the
distribution installs grub2. This Fixes bsc#1119416
* Add Codec utils for bytes literals decoding
In case of a literal decoding failure it tries to decode
the result in utf-8. This is handy in python2 environments where
python and the host might be using different charset configurations.
In python3 this issue seams to be solved.
Fixes #829 and bsc#1110871
* Fixed URI handling with token query option
So far only the query format ?credentials=... was supported.
In case of ?random_token_data the returned uri was truncated
and also the format check on the query caused a python trace.
This Fixes #830 and Fixes #828 and bsc#1110869 and bsc#1108508
2018-12-18 - dcassany@suse.de
- Fix disk size calculation for VMX
Disk size calculation must take into account the empty volumes that
are to be mounted in a directory that does not exist in the root tree
otherwise there is KeyError. The result of
storate/setup._calculate_volume_mbytes must be a dict including all
defined volumes.
Fixes #904
2018-12-18 - dcassany@suse.de
- Bump version: 9.16.18 ? 9.16.19
2018-12-18 - ms@suse.de
- rebuild auto generated code with stable generateDS
For some reason the xml_parse code generated by generateDS v2.29.24
caused warnings on simple type XSD patterns. Therefore I rebuild
the code with the stable build version v2.29.14 which fixed that
Fixes bsc#1119792

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