docker-distribution-registry - Registry server for Docker

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Registry server for Docker (hosting/delivering of repositories and images).


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docker-distribution-registry = 2.6.2-lp151.3.5
docker-distribution-registry(x86-64) = 2.6.2-lp151.3.5


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Binary Package docker-distribution-registry-2.6.2-lp151.3.5.x86_64.rpm
Source Package docker-distribution-2.6.2-lp151.3.5.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install docker-distribution-registry rpm package:

# zypper install docker-distribution-registry




2018-03-01 -
- Configuration files should be tagged in general as %config(noreplace)
in order to keep the modified config files.
This fixes bsc#1083474
2017-07-21 -
- Updated to 2.6.2
This release is a special security release to address an issue allowing
an attacker to force arbitrarily-sized memory allocations in a registry
instance through the manifest endpoint. The problem has been mitigated
by limiting the size of reads for image manifest content.
Details for mitigation are in 29fa466
CVE-2017-11468 has been assigned for this issue.
Fixes bsc#1049850
2017-06-12 -
- Add SuSEfirewall2 service file for TCP port 5000.
2017-04-06 -
- Updated to 2.6.1;
* Fix Forwarded header handling, revert use of X-Forwarded-Port
* Use driver Stat for registry health check
2017-01-27 -
- enable build for s390x
2017-01-18 -
- Updated to v2.6.0
[#]### Storage
- S3: fixed bug in delete due to read-after-write inconsistency
- S3: allow EC2 IAM roles to be used when authorizing region endpoints
- S3: add Object ACL Support
- S3: fix delete method's notion of subpaths
- S3: use multipart upload API in `Move` method for performance
- S3: add v2 signature signing for legacy S3 clones
- Swift: add simple heuristic to detect incomplete DLOs during read ops
- Swift: support different user and tenant domains
- Swift: bulk deletes in chunks
- Aliyun OSS: fix delete method's notion of subpaths
- Aliyun OSS: optimize data copy after upload finishes
- Azure: close leaking response body
- Fix storage drivers dropping non-EOF errors when listing repositories
- Compare path properly when listing repositories in catalog
- Add a foreign layer URL host whitelist
- Improve catalog enumerate runtime
[#]### Registry
- Export `storage.CreateOptions` in top-level package
- Enable notifications to endpoints that use self-signed certificates
- Properly validate multi-URL foreign layers
- Add control over validation of URLs in pushed manifests
- Proxy mode: fix socket leak when pull is cancelled
- Tag service: properly handle error responses on HEAD request
- Support for custom authentication URL in proxying registry
- Add configuration option to disable access logging
- Add notification filtering by target media type
- Manifest: `References()` returns all children
- Honor `X-Forwarded-Port` and Forwarded headers
- Reference: Preserve tag and digest in With* functions
- Add policy configuration for enforcing repository classes
[#]### Client
- Changes the client Tags `All()` method to follow links
- Allow registry clients to connect via HTTP2
- Better handling of OAuth errors in client
[#]### Spec
- Manifest: clarify relationship between urls and foreign layers
- Authorization: add support for repository classes
[#]### Manifest
- Override media type returned from `Stat()` for existing manifests
- Add plugin mediatype to distribution manifest
[#]### Docs
- Document `TOOMANYREQUESTS` error code
- Document required Let's Encrypt port
- Improve documentation around implementation of OAuth2
- Improve documentation for configuration
[#]### Auth
- Add support for registry type in scope
- Add support for using v2 ping challenges for v1
- Add leeway to JWT `nbf` and `exp` checking
- htpasswd: dynamically parse htpasswd file
- Fix missing auth headers with PATCH HTTP request when pushing to default port
[#]### Dockerfile
- Update to go1.7
- Reorder Dockerfile steps for better layer caching
[#]### Notes
Documentation has moved to the documentation repository at
The registry is go 1.7 compliant, and passes newer, more restrictive `lint` and `vet` ing.

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