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This package provides dmtcp.h for developing plugins.


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dmtcp = 2.5.2


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dmtcp-devel = 2.5.2-lp151.3.4
dmtcp-devel(x86-64) = 2.5.2-lp151.3.4


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Binary Package dmtcp-devel-2.5.2-lp151.3.4.x86_64.rpm
Source Package dmtcp-2.5.2-lp151.3.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install dmtcp-devel rpm package:

# zypper install dmtcp-devel




2018-01-29 -
- Add patch dmtcp-overflow.patch
* This is to not block post-build-checks and run all the scans
on the resulting package
2017-12-27 -
- Disabled some troublesome tests.
- Updated to 2.5.2.
Release notes for 2.5.2:
* All fixes in Release DMTCP-2.4.9 are incorporated in this release.
* An incompatibility of DMTCP with Open MPI 1.10 when using orterun (mpirun)
was discovered. This does not affect recent versions, such as Open MPI 2.x.
* In some rare cases, open files were not properly restored due to
a use-after-free bug. This is now fixed.
* In some rare cases, one process had created a SysV shared memory object,
and a different process was assigned to restore it on restart. This
was not handled correctly, and is now fixed.
* Correctly restore CPU affinities of threads
* Virtualized SysV shared memory keys to avoid race condition on restart
* Fixed logic for checking if relative path to file was a duplicate
of another existing path
* The NSCD area for name service caching daemon was not handled correctly
in CentOS 6.8 and later correctly. Fixed now.
* The Linux sched.h include file for scheduling of cores was added to
satisfy some older Linux distros that needed it for compiling DMTCP.
* Fixed a regression in which --enable-debug (for verbose debug logs)
was not being properly written.
* The DMTCP coordinator was displaying a spurious warning, "Failed to find
coordinator IP address", because it did not check for a canoncial hostname.
* A related issue prevented DMTCP from working properly on some
SUSE/openSUSE distros.
Release notes for 2.5.1:
This release mostly provides added robustness.  Two notable items of
added functionality are:
i. DMTCP_RESTART_PAUSE and DMTCP_RESTART_PAUSE0 environment variables
for easier debugging upon initial restart
ii. The --debug-logs flag was added to dmtcp_launch/dmtcp_restart.
One can now turn on logging individually for separate plugins,
instead of only turning it on globally.
An incompatibility of DMTCP with Open MPI 1.10 when using orterun (mpirun)
was discovered.  This may also affect some other versions of Open MPI 1.10.
This bug will be fixed in a future release.
* Fixed an issue when starting multiple DMTCP coordinators on same host
at approximately the same time
* Fixed issue with PBS scheduler for HPC
* Fixed issue when restarting on a different host with a larger
limit on the number of open file descriptors
* dmtcp_launch/dmtcp_restart now accept '--debug-logs' flag to specify
which DMTCP plugins should produce logging information
(It used to be all or nothing.)
* Improved robustness for IB (InfiniBand) plugin
* Fixed DMTCP_RESTART_PAUSE and DMTCP_RESTART_PAUSE0 environment variables
for debugging upon restart
* The brk() call was failing on restart on Debian due to overly strict assert
* dmtcp_launch was hanging on some RHEL5 and RHEL6 due to deadlock with
libc low-level locks.  Fixed now.
* Updated tls_pid_offset in DMTCP to handle newer GLIBc (versions > 2.24)
* Fixed launch of 32-bit binary when forking/execing from a 64-bit executable
* Fixed issue that can affect a parent holding a malloc-lock while forking
* Fixed issue when a user thread calls 'dmtcp_get_coord_ckpt_dir()'

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