dkms - Dynamic Kernel Module Support Framework

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Package version 2.3
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This package contains the framework for the Dynamic
Kernel Module Support (DKMS) method for installing
module RPMS as originally developed by Dell.


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dkms - - -


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bash > 1.99
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make -
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config(dkms) = 2.3-lp151.2.2
dkms = 2.3-lp151.2.2


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Binary Package dkms-2.3-lp151.2.2.noarch.rpm
Source Package dkms-2.3-lp151.2.2.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install dkms rpm package:

# zypper install dkms




2017-04-24 -
- Update the dkms chrooting to use the tmpfiles macros from systemd
- Make sure it is adhering to most requirements for integration
2017-02-01 -
- Start the dkms service before the display-manager service
for the nvidia modules.
- Make the module build more secure (
2017-01-15 -
- update version 2.3
* added support for forcing modules installation with configuration files
* fixed mkinitrd call when using dracut
* fixed have_one_kernel for non-zero return code
* added --no-depmod action to prevent running depmod
* fixed removal of module build directory
* fixed check of obsolete modules
* added option to symlink modules
* allowed building for all installed kernels in the common postinst
* do not fail if /lib/modules does not exist
* fixed ZFS autoinstall failures for kernel upgrades
* implemented inter-module dependencies feature
* added POST_BUILD to the dkms_conf_variables list
* enable users to opt out of creating weak modules
* enable parallel jobs when building
* fixed OBSOLETE_BY did not work since check_version_sanity exits early
2016-01-12 -
- Use kernel-syms instead of kernel-devel
2015-09-02 -
- Add make and gcc as Requires to ensure they are there.
2014-02-07 -
- Accidentaly moved dkms default config. Move it back.
2014-02-07 -
- Add trailing newlines.
2014-02-07 -
- Cleanup with spec cleaner
- Remove compat layers for everything to be up par with suse needs
- Provide only systemd files as we support only systemd on all
- Remove old backcompat postun script
- removed patches:
* dkms-compat_suse_init_script.diff
2009-08-22 -
- update to latest upstream
- drop Requires: lsb.  avoid calling rpm (recursively) if possible.
- add recognition for Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle VM, Scientific
Linux, and VMware 3.x
2009-07-24 -
- Rebuilt for

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