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Package version 2.2.4
Package release lp151.1.1
Package architecture x86_64
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Category Productivity/Text/Convertors
License BSD-3-Clause
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Discount is an implementation of John Gruber’s Markdown text to HTML language
with some extensions from PHP Markdown Extra, Pandoc, and other implementations
of Markdown.


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discount - - -


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Name Value
discount = 2.2.4-lp151.1.1
discount(x86-64) = 2.2.4-lp151.1.1
markdown -


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Binary Package discount-2.2.4-lp151.1.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package discount-2.2.4-lp151.1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install discount rpm package:

# zypper install discount




2019-01-07 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Update changelog with references to security issues fixed
2018-10-17 - Martin Pluskal <>
- Update to version 2.2.4:
* No changelog provided
* fixes:
+ boo#1094809 CVE-2018-11468 heap-based buffer over-read __mkd_trim_line function in mkdio.c
+ boo#1098252 CVE-2018-12495 heap-based buffer over-read via a crafted file
2018-06-25 -
- Update to version 2.2.3a:
* No changelog provided
- Refresh patches:
* discount-disable_ldconfig.patch
* discount-fix-compile-warings.diff
2017-11-03 -
- Provide virtual package markdown
2017-02-09 -
- Update to version 2.2.2:
* No changelog provided
- Refresh patches:
* discount-disable_ldconfig.patch
* discount-fix-compile-warings.diff
2016-10-16 -
- Update to version 2.2.1:
* No changelog provided
- Refresh patches:
* discount-disable_ldconfig.patch
* discount-fix-compile-warings.diff
2016-05-01 -
- Update to 2.2.0
* no changelog provided
- Build with optflags
- Refresh discount-disable_ldconfig.patch
2015-05-21 -
- add symlink with update-alternatives to un-conflict
2015-04-30 -
- add build condition "fenced_code" to conditionally run configure
with "--with-fenced-code"
Building with this condition enables PHP markdown extra-style fenced code
sections, where your chunks of code are surrounded by ~~~ lines instead
of being indented 4 spaces.

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