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This is an alternative DHCP client, the ISC DHCP client for Linux. Like
"dhcpcd" (the client that is installed by default), it can be used to
configure the network setup.  IP address, hostname, routing,
nameserver, netmask, and broadcast can be dynamically assigned while
booting the machine.
It is configurable via the configuration file /etc/dhclient.conf and
you can define your own 'hooks' to be used by the /sbin/dhclient-script
(which is called by the daemon).
Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. <info@isc.org>


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dhcp = 4.3.5
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config(dhcp-client) = 4.3.5-lp151.5.3
dhcp-client = 4.3.5-lp151.5.3
dhcp-client(x86-64) = 4.3.5-lp151.5.3


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Binary Package dhcp-client-4.3.5-lp151.5.3.x86_64.rpm
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Install Howto

Install dhcp-client rpm package:

# zypper install dhcp-client




2018-03-08 - max@suse.com
- Update to dhcp-4.3.6-P1:
* CVE-2018-5733, bsc#1083303: reference count overflow in dhcpd.
* CVE-2018-5732, bsc#1083302: buffer overflow bug in dhclient.
* Plugged a socket descriptor leak in OMAPI
* The server now allows the client identifier (option 61) to own
leases in more than one subnet concurrently [ISC-Bugs #41358].
* When replying to a DHCPINFORM, the server will now include
options specified at the pool scope, provided the ciaddr field
of the DHCPINFORM is populated.
[ISC-Bugs #43219] [ISC-Bugs #45051].
* When memory allocation fails in a repeated way the process
writes "Run out of memory." on the standard error and exists
with status 1  [ISC-Bugs #32744].
* The new lmdb (Lightning Memory DataBase) bind9 configure
option is now disabled by default to avoid the presence of
this library to be detected which can lead to a link failure.
[ISC-Bugs #45069]
* The linux interface discovery code has been modified to use
getifaddrs() as is done for BSD and OS-X.
[ISC-Bugs #28761] and others.
* Fixed a bug in OMAPI that causes omshell to crash when a
name-value pair with a zero length value is shipped in an
object [ISC-Bugs #29108].
* On 64-bit platforms, dhclient now generates the correct value
for the script environment variable, "expiry", the lease
expiry value exceeds 0x7FFFFFFF [ISC-Bugs #43326].
* Common timer logic was modified to cap the maximum timeout
values at 0x7FFFFFFF - 1 [ISC-Bugs #28038].
* DHCP6 FQDN option unpacking code now correctly handles values
that contain spaces, special, or non-printable characters.
[ISC-Bugs #43592]
* When running in -6 mode, dhclient can enforce the require
option statement and will discard offered leases that do not
contain all the required options specified in the client
configuration [ISC-Bugs #41473].
* Altered DHCPv4 lease time calculation to avoid roll over
errors on 64-bit OS systems when using -1 or large values
for default-lease-time [ISC-Bugs #41976],
* Added --dad-wait-time parameter to dhclient [ISC-Bugs #36169].
* The server nows checks both the address and length of a
prefix delegation when attempting to match it to a prefix
pool [ISC-Bugs #35378].
* Modified DDNS support initialization such that DNS related
ports will only be opened by the server (dhcpd) at startup
if ddns-update-style is not "none"; by dhclient only if and
when the it first attempts an update; and never by dhcrelay.
[ISC-Bugs #45290] [ISC-Bugs #33377]
* Added error logging to two memory allocation failure checks.
[ISC-Bugs #41185]
* Corrected a dhclient -6 issue that caused the client to crash
with an "Impossible condition" error after de-preferencing its
only IA binding [ISC-Bugs #44373].
* By defining CALL_SCRIPT_ON_ONETRY_FAIL in includes/site.h,
dhclient will now call the script with reason set to FAIL when
run with -1 (one try) and there are no server responses.
[ISC-bugs #18183]
* The server now detects failover peers that are not referenced
in at least one pool when run with the command line option for
test mode, -T [ISC-Bugs #29892].
* Linux script updated [ISC-bugs #19430] [ISC-bugs #18111].
* Changed severity of the log message indicating UDP checksum
errors in the received packets from 'info' to 'debug'.
[ISC-bugs #41757]
* Corrected a bug which could cause the server to sporadically
crash while loading lease files with the lease-id-format is
set to "hex" [ISC-Bugs #43185].
- Obsoleted patches:
* 0011-Fixed-linux-interface-discovery-using-getifaddrs.patch
* 0019-dhcp-4.2.4-P1-interval.patch
* 0021-master-Plugs-a-socket-descriptor-leak-in-OMAPI.patch
* 0022-Optimized-if-and-when-DNS-client-context-and-ports.patch
2018-01-19 - ndas@suse.de
- Optimized if and when DNS client context and ports
are initted (bsc#1073935)

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