deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search - Libnetease integration for the Deepin Music Player

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Package filename deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search-3.1.15-lp151.2.1.x86_64.rpm
Package name deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search
Package version 3.1.15
Package release lp151.2.1
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Players
License GPL-3.0-or-later
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This package contains the libnetease plugin for searches with the
Deepin Music Player searches.


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deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search - - -


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Name Value
deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search = 3.1.15-lp151.2.1
deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search(x86-64) = 3.1.15-lp151.2.1 -


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Binary Package deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search-3.1.15-lp151.2.1.x86_64.rpm
Source Package deepin-music-player-3.1.15-lp151.2.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search rpm package:

# zypper install deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search




2019-04-03 - Hillwood Yang <>
- Fix lyrics don't work (boo#1131464).
* Add in filelist, it is not a developement file
* Add deepin-music-player-rpmlintrc
2019-03-05 - Hillwood Yang <>
- Update version to 3.1.15
* Fix wrong path when last import path is empty
* Fix avoid using dpkg-parsechangelog
* Fix last opened path check
* Fix avoid set a empty path to QFileDialog
* support X-Deepin-Vendor
* support the recent file spec
* support sliber animation
* auto resize progress
* hide custom sort from menu
* keep sound hint when clicked
* sync progress on close
* use DThemeManger
* add manual id
* add VERSION configure option to define app version
- Remove useless BuildRequires tags.
2018-12-21 -
- Update version to
* Fix avoid set a empty path to QFileDialog
* support X-Deepin-Vendor
* support the recent file spec
* Fix pull tx failed
* Fix write datebase error
* Fix extrend close button area
* disable keyboardSearch
* Fix refactor
* Fix update mpris status
* Fix dock not support group
* fav status disappear
* trash file with dde-file-manager dbus in flatpak
* add missing depends gstreamer1.0-fluendo-mp3
* Fix shortcut not work
2018-03-23 -
- Fix build in armv6l
2018-02-09 -
- Fix build for Leap 15.0
* Set BuildRequires tag for python.
2017-11-24 -
- Update
* Fix showNormal not work (bb22dc99)
* Fix crash when selectNext on qt 5.9 (bed9d856)
* Fix hidpi playing state (84783418)
* Fix lyric text cut (1dbf4dc2)
* Fix move qmediaplayer to main thread (3ce0ca3c)
* Fix dialog style (cfc0db93)
* Use deviceRatio in musicitemdelegate (f3a65085)
* Enable drag progress bar (22f8916e)
* Fix border pos (6fa9cc9e)
* Set dialog flag error (ef200472)
* Change footer bar cover mouse cursor (a4837dce)
* Fix libdmusic install path (2d86199a)
* Make dropdown show full text on ru locale (fcc58c97)
* Stop next after continue error count >= 5 (e6127596)
* Call dbus trash (b5d6fcb4)
* Extern footer progress (3459625e)
* All use svg (a942c308)
* Use dbus call filemanager (e276e636)
* Remove dtk2 workaround (0eb1ee32)
* Use dtk DWaterProgress (6109ffee)
* Add hidpi support (107e5987)
- Drop deepin-tool-kit
- Drop libdui
2017-09-28 -
- Fix build in armv7l.
2017-09-27 -
- Update to 3.1.6
* Update deepin-tool-kit
* Use QtAV
* Use dtkwidget
* Use libcue
- Drop deepin-music-dui.patch, merged by upstream.
2017-03-15 -
- Fix capitalized Summary
- Use 'rsvg-view' to produce multi-sized png icons from svg
- Fix the Unity play indicator groups in deepin-music.desktop
2017-02-19 -
- Replace totally useless description.
- Rename deepin-music-libnetease-meta-search1 again:
it is a plugin, not a standard library!
- Fix RPM group selection. Do not call fdupes on root.
- Qt5 mkspecs belong into -devel subpackage.

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