deepin-movie-devel - Development tools for deepin movie

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The deepin-movie-devel package contains the header files and developer docs for
deepin movie.


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Binary Package deepin-movie-devel-3.2.17-lp151.1.1.x86_64.rpm
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Install Howto

Install deepin-movie-devel rpm package:

# zypper install deepin-movie-devel




2019-03-16 - Jan Engelhardt <>
- Ensure neutrality and accuracy of description.
2019-01-08 -
- Split development package.
2018-12-20 -
- Update version to 3.2.17
* Fix the window point not follow touch point on touch screen and
enable hi-DPI
* remove application name in titlebar
* set the generic name to "Movie"
* support auto translate the dekstop file
* Deepin vendor support
* support the recent file spec
* support touch move window
* no transifex
* Fix build error with libavresample deprecated
* Fix crash when press F1
* refactor: use DApplication::handleHelpAction to open help document
* remove the TitleBar right margin
* fix(libdmr): bypass sub saving and compilation
* add frame-by-frame navigation support
- Add no-return-in-nonvoid-function.patch, fix no-return-in-nonvoid-function
2017-12-01 -
- Update to 3.0.1
* Use vaapi_egl opengl interop when possible
* Support build with DTK_DMAN_PORTAL
* Support dman activation from flatpak env
* Make play state button clickable
* Hide titlebar in fullscreen playback
* Render HiDPI texture by QImageReader
* Use QImageReader to render HiDPI images
* Correct shape mask in non-composited mode
* Make sub font size approximate pixel size
* Update playlist geometry under flatpak env
Fix bugs:
* Check cookie before inhibit
* Cookie should be unsigned int
* Check and do UnInhibit when window closed
* Pixmap take device ratio into account
* Make toolbox more transparent
* Scale fbo according to devicePixelRatio
* Honor devicePixelRatio for pixmap rendering
* Basic hdpi texture adaption
* Support flatpak
* Respect devicePixelRatio when move
* Improve 4k playback by disable opengl-hq
* Update svgs and more QImageReader migration
* Potential crash when closing a smb shared video
- Split language package.
- Add deepin-movie-reborn-add-pkgconfig-check.patch, fix pkg check
2017-11-02 -
- Update to 2.9.94
* Migrate to QML.
2017-09-28 -
- Update to 2.2.15
* Not showing resize visual while resizing
* Fix a typo: useage -> usage
* Translate desktop file
* remove deepin-util depend in control
2017-02-20 -
- Update to 2.2.11
* Fix crash on opening empty folder.
* Fix crash on Qt5.6
* Update window buttons
* Cherry pick some bugfixes from release/2.2.2
* Base on QtAV.
2015-10-18 -
- add patch: deepin-movie-QJSValue-not-iterable.patch
* fix "TypeError: 'QJSValue' object is not iterable"
2015-08-03 -
- initial version 2.2.2+git20150504.8344897

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