dateutils-octave - Dateutils functions for matlab and octave

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Dateutils can be used from within matlab or ocatave.


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Install Howto

Install dateutils-octave rpm package:

# zypper install dateutils-octave




2018-03-03 -
- bump version 0.4.3
* Features:
- base expansion works for times now
* Bugfixes:
- durations in months weeks and days are calculated
like durations in months and days, consistency
- am and pm indicators in inputs are handled properly
- military midnights decay when not printed in full
2017-11-09 -
- revert non-portable changes of the last commit (SLE 11 build)
2017-10-18 -
- bump version 0.4.2
* Features:
- allow %- specifiers to turn off padding (as GNU date does)
- support matlab day numbers, as mdn or matlab
* Bugfixes:
- fix build issue on FBSD 11
- allow zones to transition at INT_MAX (mapped to never)
- lint spec file
- move from bitbucket to github link
- remove patch which is upstream now:
2017-04-03 -
- fix incompatibility with tzdata/tzcode >= 2017a,
2016-12-15 -
- bump version 0.4.1, this is a bugfix release.
* Bugfixes:
- bug/50, keep end-of-term (ultimo) property in dateseq(1)
- allow today/now for ywd dates in 1 parameter dateseq(1)
- allow different calendars for start and end date in dateseq(1)
- round time in dateround(1) in zone then convert --from-zone
- allow SPC padded numerals in %d input format
* See info page examples and/or README.
- remove patch which is upstream now:
2016-06-15 -
- fix .mex file extension for octave plugin,
- explicit octave plugin file list
- remove *.la files
2016-06-02 -
- bump version 0.4.0, this is a feature release.
* Bugfixes:
- document %g/%G format specifiers
- bug/42, accept NUL characters in input
- bug/45, correctly display Gregorian and ISO week dates in one
- bug/46, adhere to ISO group's official formatting of week
- bug/47, allow rounding of Epoch based timestamps
- bug/48, avoid crash for void input to strptime(3)
* Features:
- datetest supports --isvalid to conditionalise on date/time
- all tools support --from-locale to parse localised input
- tools with output formatting support --locale to format
output according to locale
* See info page examples and/or README.
2016-01-22 -
- bump version 0.3.5, this is a bugfix release.
* Bugfixes:
- bug/40, distinguish between numerals-only dates and durations
- tests will succeed independent of current date
* See info page examples and/or README.
- remove dateutils-0.3.4-fix-test-126.patch (upstream applied)
2016-01-10 -
- Fix build:
* add dateutils-0.3.4-fix-test-126.patch (from upstream)
2015-09-02 -
- remove old obsoletes line for devel package

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