czmq - High-level C binding for ZeroMQ

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CZMQ is a higher-level binding for the ZeroMQ core API.


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czmq(x86-64) = 4.1.1-lp151.2.3


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Install Howto

Install czmq rpm package:

# zypper install czmq




2018-04-18 -
- Update to 4.1.1, bugfixes:
* Fixed #1847 - fix test segfault when no USER env variable exists
* Fixed #1848 - fix zsock_resolve when using many thousands of sockets
* Fixed #1875 - fix build with GCC 8
* Fixed #1876 - fix crash in zsys_shutdown with libzmq 4.2.4 built with
- A lot of changes in DRAFT apis, see NEWS
2018-01-02 -
- Update to 4.1.0
* New STABLE APIs have been added to wrap new libzmq context
+ zsys_set_thread_sched_policy
+ zsys_set_thread_priority
* See
for complete changelog.
- Remove patches now in upstream sources:
* 0000-gcc7-b651cb47.patch
* 0001-gcc7-41866333e.patch
2017-06-05 -
-  Fix a build with gcc7
-  Add:
* 0000-gcc7-b651cb47.patch
* 0001-gcc7-41866333e.patch
2016-12-31 -
- Update to 4.0.2
* Fixed DRAFT zsock_new_*_checked symbols leak
* Fixed zsock options could be available at build time but
not at runtime. Added runtime check, an error will
be printed if the option is not available.
* Fixed improved compatibility with Solaris/Illumos
* Fixed memory leak when message send fails in internal usage
- Update to 4.0.1
* Version 4.0.0 introduced the DRAFT mechanism, but it had a
flaw: the internally defined DRAFT symbols were leaking as
global in the shared library. This meant that although the API
was stable, the ABI could in some cases not be. This has now
been fixed using compiler's visibility attribute to avoid this
2016-11-05 -
- Update descriptions
2016-11-05 -
- Update to 4.0.0
* v4.0.0 breaks API and ABI compatibility with v3.0.2.
The ABI version has been bumped to 4.
* The v2 API, which have been declared DEPRECATED in v3.0.0
released on 2014/10/15, have now been declared RETIRED
and removed from this release. The following classes are gone:
zauth_v2, use zauth
zbeacon_v2, use zbeacon
zctx, use zsock
zmonitor_v2, use zmonitor
zproxy_v2, use zproxy
zsocket, use zsock
zsockopt, use zsock
zthread, use zactor
* see NEWS file for more details
2016-10-12 -
- add 0001-readdir_r-deprecated.patch to fix a build in Tumbleweed
2015-07-07 -
- Do not install makecert to workaround the conflict between
czmq and mono-devel
2015-07-07 -
- Correct License tag to MPL-2.0
2015-07-02 -
- Update to 3.0.2

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