lynis - Security and System auditing tool

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Lynis is a security and system auditing tool. It scans a system on the
most interesting parts useful for audits, like:
- Security enhancements
- Logging and auditing options
- Banner identification
- Software availability


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lynis-2.7.0-lp150.63.1.noarch.rpm 2.7.0 noarch Network Utilities
lynis-2.6.1-lp150.1.2.noarch.rpm 2.6.1 noarch openSUSE Oss
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lynis = 2.7.0-lp150.62.1


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Binary Package lynis-2.7.0-lp150.62.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package lynis-2.7.0-lp150.62.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Security repository:
    # zypper addrepo security
  2. Install lynis rpm package:
    # zypper install lynis




2018-10-27 -
- update to 2.7.0
* added detection of TOMOYO binary (MACF-6240)
* Status of TOMOYO framework updated (MACF-6242)
* OpenSSH server version detected (SSH-7406)
* Check active OSSEC analysis daemon (TOOL-5160)
* Changed several warning labels on screen
* More generic sulogin for systemd rescue (AUTH-9308)
* OS detection now ignores quotes for getting the OS ID
2018-10-09 - Robert Frohl <>
- update to 2.6.9
* Man page has been updated
* Command 'lynis show options' provides up-to-date list
* Option '--dump-options' is deprecated
* Several options and commands have been extended with more examples
* OS detection now supports openSUSE specific distribution names
* Changed command output when using 'lynis audit system remote'
* added /usr/local/redis/etc path and QNAP support
* ignore exception when no vmlinuz file was discovered
2018-09-20 -
- update to 2.6.8:
* improved parsing of boot parameters to init process
* test all PHP files for expose_php and improved logging
* Docker check now tests also for CMD, ENTRYPOINT, and USER configuration
* Improved display in Docker output for showing which keys are used for signing
- includes changes from 2.6.7:
* Added busybox as a service manager
* Limit PAE and no-execute test to AMD64 hardware only
* Ignore /dev/zero and /dev/[aio] as deleted files
* Changed classification of SSH root login with keys
* Docker scan uses new format for maintainer value
- includes chagnes from 2.6.6:
* Improved log text about running kernel version
* Under some condition no hostid2 value was reported
* Solved 'extra operand' issue with tr command
2018-06-27 -
- update to 2.6.5:
* mail: Exim configuration test
* network: Use FQDN to test status of a nameserver instead of own IP address
* ssh: Improved test to allow configurations with a Match block
- includes changes from 2.6.4:
* auth: Made 'sulogin' more generic for systemd rescue shell
* dns: Initial work on DNSSEC validation testing
* network: Added support for local resolver
* php: Suhosin test disbled
* ssh: Removed 'DELAYED' from OpenSSH Compression setting
* time: Improvements to detect step-tickers file and entries
- includes changes from 2.6.3:
* crypt: Do prevalidation for certificates before testing them
* hardening: Enhanced compiler permission test
* name: Improved test to filter out empty lines
* packages: changes to detect yum-utils package and related tooling
* plugins: cron file permissions
- includes changes from 2.6.2:
* Textual changes for several tests
* Update of tests database
2018-01-26 -
- update to 2.6.1:
* New group 'usb' for tests related to USB devices
* Updated and enhanced tests
* Many bug fixes
* output and UI fixes
2017-06-08 -
- Lynis 2.5.1:
* Improved detection of SSL certificate files
* Minor changes to improve logging and results
* Firewall tests: Determine if CSF is in testing mode
- includes changes from Lynis 2.5.0:
* CVE-2017-8108: symlink attack may have allowed arbitrary file
overwrite or privilege escalation (bsc#1043463)
* Deleted unused tests from database file
* Additional sysctls are tested
* Extended test with Symantec components
* Snort detection
* Snort configuration file

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