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Provides translations for the "scilab" package.


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scilab-lang-6.0.1-lp150.4.10.noarch.rpm 6.0.1 noarch openSUSE Oss
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scilab = 6.0.1


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scilab-lang = 6.0.1-lp150.78.1
scilab-lang-all = 6.0.1


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Binary Package scilab-lang-6.0.1-lp150.78.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package scilab-6.0.1-lp150.78.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

  1. Add the Science repository:
    # zypper addrepo science
  2. Install scilab-lang rpm package:
    # zypper install scilab-lang




2018-10-12 -
- Require java 10 stringently, as java >= 11 has dropped JAF (Java
Activation Framework) and scilab does not build without it.
- Add scilab-gfortran8-errors.patch: Fix size mismatch between
function arguments and variables; these crop up as errors when
compiling against gfortran >= 8.
2018-04-20 -
- Explicitly add Requires: java >= 9 to make sure the correct
version of java is installed in the system.
2018-04-04 -
- Add scilab-java_source_target.patch: Build with source and target
6 in order to avoid runtime errors with unrecognized class
- Make build with any java-devel >= 9 for openSUSE >= 1500, in
order not to depend on a particular exact java version.
2018-03-12 -
- Drop scilab-self-closing-br.patch: No longer required as the
offending issues have been fixed upstream and we don't care for
the minor pieces enough to carry around this patch; see
- Require xterm for scilab since the desktop launchers now launch
the executable via xterm.
2018-02-26 -
- Update License in keeping with upstream: Scilab is now
distributed under the terms of GPL-2.0.
- Modify scilab-launch-from-xterm.patch: also add scinotes and
xcos desktop launchers to patch, and make them launch via xterm;
add xterm to Requires.
- Modify scilab-openjdk9-no-javah.patch: enclose JAVAH variable
declaration in quotes.
- Document the addition of jaf = 1.1 to [Build]Requires; added in
previous commit, and required for building documentation in
conjunction with scilab-java9-ClassLoader.patch; not required
for openSUSE < 1500 where jdk 1.8 is used.
- Restore sed commands to clear Class-Path from Manifest files;
this was erroneously removed in previous commit.
- Use jdk 9 only for openSUSE >= 1500; disable patches relating
to jdk 9+ for older openSUSE.
- Enforce minimum version on eigen3-devel BuildRequires: at least
version 3.3.2 required.
- Add i586 to ExcludeArch, building no longer supported by
2018-02-22 -
- Enforce java 9 for building, as there are runtime error when
java 10 is used
- Add scilab-xcos-java9.patch: Fix xcos compilation against
openjdk-java 9; enable building xcos during configure.
- Add scilab-java9-ClassLoader.patch: Hack frontloading of all
necessary jar classpaths by passing them to _JAVA_OPTIONS since
dynamic classpath loading doesn not work any more; see
- Enable documentation; building fixed due to above patch.
- Add scilab-bin-correct-java9-path.patch
- Drop scilab-batik-1.8.patch

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