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mMass presents open source multi-platform package of tools for precise mass
spectrometric data analysis and interpretation. It is written in Python language
and released under GNU General Public License, so it’s portable to different
computer platforms and has a good potential to be easily modified or extended by
modules of specific needs.


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mmass-doc = 5.5.0-lp150.1.17


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Install Howto

  1. Add the Science repository:
    # zypper addrepo science
  2. Install mmass-doc rpm package:
    # zypper install mmass-doc


/usr/share/doc/packages/mmass-doc/User Guide.pdf


2017-02-12 -
- Spec file cleanup
- Use
2013-07-01 -
- Update to mMass 5.5
- Added: Peak list can now be exported into ASCII with column headers.
- Added: Mass to Formula tool is now able to calculate negative compositions.
- Improved: Form parameters updated in Protein Prospector tools.
- Fixed: Mass to Formula tool crashed when no composition was found.
- Fixed: Correct scan number is now parsed from mzML format.
2012-12-28 -
- Update to mMass 5.4.1
- Fixed: Internal server has been disabled for OS X.
- Fixed: An issue with crashing plot canvas.
- Fixed: An issue with crashing Envelope Fit tool.
2012-11-18 -
- Update to mMass 5.4
- Improved: Multiple documents overlay in Mass Defect Plot panel.
- Improved: On Linux, system user?s folder is now used for configs and presets.
- Fixed: Incorrect handling of C-terminal modification in Peptide Fragmentation panel.
- Fixed: Incorrect calculation of some mass defects.
- Fixed: An issue with peak picking crashing on some documents.
- Fixed: An issue with mzML files with incorrect base peak intensity.
- Fixed: An issue with mzML files with unspecified retention time units.
- Fixed: Incorrect zooming style in Scan Selection dialog.
- Fixed: Updated link to ChemSpider from Mass to Formula panel.
- Fixed: Updated link to Human Metabolom Database from Mass to Formula tool.
2012-08-27 -
- Update to mMass 5.3
- Added: Mass Defect Plot to clusterize peaks based on their mass defect.
- Added: Swap Data function is now available in the Batch Processing panel.
- Added: Line style can be set for profile mass spectra.
- Improved: Open multiple documents via command line.
- Fixed: An issue with negatively charged ions matching.
2012-08-05 -
- Fix bash start script (allow commandline arguments)
2012-07-01 -
- Update to mMass 5.2
- Added: New spectrum canvas view option to allow ranges outside current documents boundaries.
- Improved: File association now works on all platforms via listening on port 65456.
- Improved: More detailed Spectrum Ruler info for charge and neutral mass.
- Fixed: In some cases, document selection in batch processing was unpredictable.
2012-05-17 -
- Update to mMass 5.1
- Added: Mass to Formula tool now compares theoretical isotopic pattern with acquired data.
- Added: Isotopic pattern can be modeled using either symmetrical or asymmetrical peak shapes.
- Added: Artificial spectra can be modeled using either symmetrical or asymmetrical peak shapes.
- Added: Compare Peak Lists tool now shows additional table with combined peak list.
- Added: Compare Peak Lists tool now enables intensity ratio threshold for highlighting peaks.
- Added: Unmatched peaks can now be removed from Peak Differences tool table.
- Added: Neutral mass can be calculated and shown by Spectrum Ruler tool.
- Improved: Peak list generated by Isotopic Pattern tool is calculated from final envelope.
- Changed: Baseline shift removed from normalization.
- Fixed: Preview in Math Operations tool did not work correctly.
- Fixed: An issue with re-creating configuration files.
- Fixed: Peak list updating in Match panel plot.
2012-03-29 -
- Update to mMass 5.0.1
- Improved: Molecular formula of the peptide is shown in custom-type Sequence Editor.
- Fixed: Sequence Search tool did not work.
- Fixed: Sequence info did not update correctly while switching sequences.
- Fixed: Applying processing tools with no document selected may cause application to crash.
- Fixed: An issue with mzML files with different data array bits.

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