spotify-installer - Installer for Spotify desktop client

Property Value
Distribution openSUSE Leap 15.0
Repository Packman all
Package name spotify-installer
Package version
Package release lp150.5.2
Package architecture aarch64
Package type rpm
Installed size 20.57 KB
Download size 17.23 KB
Official Mirror
This is an automatic installer for the Spotify desktop client for
Linux, which circumvents the redistribution restrictions on the client
- downloading the .deb from
- installing required dependencies
- building an rpm
- installing the rpm
The process is intended to be as user-friendly as possible.


Package Version Architecture Repository
spotify-installer- x86_64 Packman
spotify-installer - - -


Name Value
/bin/bash -
sudo -


Name Value
spotify-installer =
spotify-installer(aarch-64) =


Type URL
Binary Package spotify-installer-
Source Package spotify-installer-

Install Howto

  1. Add the Packman repository:
    # zypper addrepo packman
  2. Install spotify-installer rpm package:
    # zypper install spotify-installer




2015-06-08 -
- Update to
2014-11-16 -
- bump version number to for x86_64
- modify to-be-installed spec file and install script to reflect
version numbers
- build package as arch-dependent, as d/l deb files are different
versions for each arch
2014-03-21 -
- fix version number in spotify-client.spec
2013-10-10 -
2013-01-05 - Adam Spiers <>
* first version
2013-01-05 - Adam Spiers <>
* update README
* add Requires: sudo

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