polyglot - A Xboard/Winboard protocol to UCI protocol adapter

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PolyGlot is a "UCI adapter".  It connects a GUI interface
(such as XBoard, Winboard, Arena or Chessbase) to a UCI chess engine.


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polyglot = 1.4.70b-lp150.1.66
polyglot(x86-64) = 1.4.70b-lp150.1.66


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Mirror packman.inode.at
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Install Howto

  1. Add the Packman repository:
    # zypper addrepo http://packman.inode.at/suse/openSUSE_Leap_15.0/ packman
  2. Install polyglot rpm package:
    # zypper install polyglot




2016-11-11 - aloisio@gmx.com
- Update to 1.4.70b
* merge-book did not work correctly on Windows.
* Adapt to latest version of header format.
* Make Polyglot merge-book and make-book aware of the new
header format.
* Disable "book learning". Polyglot saves learning
information but does not use it itself, probably for a
reason. I believe the booklearning concept of Polyglot is
fundamentally broken. Learning information is engine
specific so it should not be saved in the opening book (it
might be saved elsewhere). There are other issues as well,
such as copyright and the possibility of the proliferation
of polluted books. Opening books can be improved with
information from games by using the merge command. This is a
form of off line learning which is probably much more
effective since one has strict control over what kind of
information is added to the book.
* Fix a printf 32 vs 64 bit format (crash) bug which
manifested itself on windows.
* Bugfix: dump-book with -color black generated the file
- Updated homepage
- Spec cleanup
2011-01-04 - packman@links2linux.de - 1.4.64b
- updated to 1.4.64b
Reduce movetime in the implementation of the fixed time per move command,
to account for differences in the wording of the protocols.
2010-12-27 - packman@links2linux.de - 1.4.63b
- updated to 1.4.63b
Give ponder move as hint.
Support for egtpath gaviota (this is a bit hacky right now).
StringSize was not everywhere the same in Polyglot.
This could lead to a buffer overflow in case of very long PV's.
2010-11-07 - packman@links2linux.de - 1.4.61b
- updated to 1.4.61b
uci_isready replaced by uci_isready_sync.
Polyglot should not send commands to the engine while it is syncing
2010-10-01 - packman@links2linux.de - 1.4.60b
- updated to 1.4.60b
The result string after an illegal move now shows the actual attempted move.
Bugfix: the changes in 1.4.57b created a regression where the input buffer of
polyglot could overflow with engines producing lots of output very fast.
2010-04-29 - packman@links2linux.de - 1.4.58b
- updated to 1.58b
* Implementation of BookDepth in UCI mode.
* Small corrections to the manpage.
* First attempt at killing engines that do not react to "quit".
2010-01-01 - AxelKoellhofer@web.de
- update to 1.4.56b
2009-09-07 - AxelKoellhofer@web.de
- update to 1.4.46b
- The default persistence directory on Windows is now _PG.
The names of the engine specific ini files are mangled so as not to contain spaces.
- PG now tries to guess if a string option is really a file or a path (like in the Arena GUI).

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