perl-DateTime-Format-Mail - Convert between DateTime and RFC2822/822 formats

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RFCs 2822 and 822 specify date formats to be used by email. This module
parses and emits such dates.
RFC2822 (April 2001) introduces a slightly different format of date than
that used by RFC822 (August 1982). The main correction is that the
preferred format is more limited, and thus easier to parse
Despite the ease of generating and parsing perfectly valid RFC822 and
RFC2822 people still get it wrong. So this module provides four things for
those handling mail dates:
* 1
A strict parser that will only accept RFC2822 dates, so you can see where
you're right.
* 2
A strict formatter, so you can generate the right stuff to begin with.
* 3
A _loose_ parser, so you can take the misbegotten output from other
programs and turn it into something useful. This includes various minor
errors as well as some somewhat more bizarre mistakes. The file
_t/sample_dates_ in this module's distribution should give you an idea of
what's valid, while _t/invalid.t_ should do the same for what's not. Those
regarded as invalid are just a bit *too* strange to allow.
* 4
Interoperation with the rest of the DateTime suite. These are a collection
of modules to handle dates in a modern and accurate fashion. In particular,
they make it trivial to parse, manipulate and then format dates. Shifting
timezones is a doddle, and converting between formats is a cinch.
As a future direction, I'm contemplating an even stricter parser that will
only accept dates with no obsolete elements.


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perl-DateTime-Format-Mail-0.403-lp150.1.3.noarch.rpm 0.403 noarch Packman
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perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_5.26.1) -
perl(DateTime) >= 1.04
perl(Params::Validate) -


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perl(DateTime::Format::Mail) = 0.403
perl-DateTime-Format-Mail = 0.403-lp150.1.2


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Binary Package perl-DateTime-Format-Mail-0.403-lp150.1.2.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

  1. Add the Packman repository:
    # zypper addrepo packman
  2. Install perl-DateTime-Format-Mail rpm package:
    # zypper install perl-DateTime-Format-Mail




2016-07-04 -
- updated to 0.403
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-DateTime-Format-Mail/Changes
0.403   2016-06-27
- Use DateTime->set_locale instead of ->set to set the locale. Using ->set may
actually change the local time unintentionally. Patch by Dave Rolsky. GitHub
PR #2.
2015-07-07 -
- updated to 0.402
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-DateTime-Format-Mail/Changes
0.402   2015-07-06
- included META.JSON (closes RT #105633, by ETHER)
- added contributors list (and put back SPOON as the main author)
2015-04-16 -
- updated to 0.401
see /usr/share/doc/packages/perl-DateTime-Format-Mail/Changes
0.401   2014-05-03
- Fix the tests to accomodate the new 1-digit format for days of month
before the tenth. Thanks to Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker for the patch.
- add some more sample dates to t/sample_dates
and run one test per sample date in t/sample.t
0.400   2014-04-13
- New maintainer - Philippe Bruhat (BooK)
- Now depends on DateTime 0.18. RT #74580.
- Moved POD tests to the release stage.
- format_datetime() now uses 1-digit numbers for day of month < 10.
Dates with unrecognized timezones lead to the creation of a DateTime
object with a floating timezone.
UTC is now formatted as +0000, floating is formatted as -0000.
RT #94556.
- Now packaged using Dist::Zilla. Moved back to three-digit version numbers.
2013-05-11 -
- specfile cleanup
- require Module::Metadata for build: fixes build on SLE 11
2010-12-20 -
- separated perl_requires and the rest required
2010-12-16 -
- switch to  %perl_requires macro
2010-11-29 -
- called spec2changelog
2008-06-08 -
- first release 0.3001

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