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The ZeroMQ messaging kernel is a library extending the standard
socket interfaces with an abstraction of asynchronous message queues,
multiple messaging patterns, message filtering (subscriptions) and
seamless access to multiple transport protocols.
This package holds the development files for ZeroMQ.


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Install Howto

Install zeromq-devel rpm package:

# zypper install zeromq-devel




2018-07-10 -
- Add baselibs.conf: build libzmq5-32bit, as it is a required
dependency to libavfilter7-32bit (i.e ffmpeg 4).
2017-12-14 -
- New upstream version 4.2.3
* API change: previously ZMQ_POLLOUT on a ZMQ_ROUTER socket
returned always true due to how the type works. When
ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY is set, sending fails when the peer is
not available, but ZMQ_POLLOUT always returns true anyway,
which does not make sense. Now when ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY is
set, ZMQ_POLLOUT on a ZMQ_ROUTER will return true only if
at least one peer is available.
Given ZMQ_POLLOUT with ZMQ_ROUTER was not usable at all
previously, we do not consider this a breakage warranting a
major or minor version increase.
* ZMQ_IDENTITY has been renamed to ZMQ_ROUTING_ID and
to disambiguate. ZMQ_IDENTITY and ZMQ_CONNECT_RID are still
available to keep backward compatibility, and will be
removed in a future release after further advance notice.
* DRAFT API change: zmq_poller_wait, zmq_poller_wait_all and
zmq_poller_poll have been changed to be inline with other
existing APIs that have a timeout to return EAGAIN instead
of ETIMEDOUT as the errno value.
* Existing non-DRAFT socket types ZMQ_REP/REQ, ZMQ_ROUTER/DEALER
and ZMQPUB/SUB, that were previously declared deprecated, have
been reinstated as stable and supported
* Curve: all remaining traces of debug output to console are now
removed, and new DRAFT events are available to properly debug
CURVE, PLAIN, GSSAPI and ZAP events and failures.
* for compelete changelog see
- drop remove_werror.patch: can now be disabled at configure time,
if needed.
2017-06-01 -
- remove_werror.patch: don't use -Werror in compiler flags
- disable silent compilation flags
2017-03-21 -
- New upstream version 4.2.2
* fix SO_NOSIGPIPE and connection closing by peer race condition
* fix IPv4-in-IPv6 mapped addresses parsing error
* zmq_z85_decode did validate its input. The function has been
fixed to correctly follow RFC32 and return NULL if the input is
* for complete changelog see
2017-02-03 -
- Compact the descriptions.
2016-12-31 -
- New upstream version 4.2.1
* Bugfix release. For complete changelog see
2016-11-05 -
- New upstream version 4.2.0
* For Pieter. Thanks for making all of this possible.
* This release introduces new APIs, but it is ABI compatible with
libzmq 4.1.2 and up.
* Fixed alignment problem on arm and sparc, need to rebuild
against 4.2.0
* New Context option ZMQ_MAX_MSGSZ
* New Socket options:
* see NEWS for all changes
- Packaging
* add --with-libsodium to link against libsodium and not internal
* remove disable-silent-rules
* add --enable-curve to build curve_keygen tool
* add libunwind to build dependencies
2016-06-29 -
- Remove useless --with-pic, it's only for (non-built) static libs
2016-06-28 -
- skip testsuite on qemu-linux-user
2016-06-17 -
- New upstream version 4.1.5
* Fixed #1806 - uninitialised read in curve getsockopt.
* Fixed #1807 - build broken with GCC 6.
* Fixed #1831 - potential assertion failure with latest libsodium.
* Fixed #1850 - detection issues with tweetnacl/libsodium.
* Fixed #1877 - Avoid terminating connections prematurely
* fixes some IPv6 related issues
- Removed 3ad076.patch, upstreamed

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