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NaCl (pronounced "salt") is a new easy-to-use high-speed software library
for network communication, encryption, decryption, signatures, etc. NaCl's goal
is to provide all of the core operations needed to build higher-level cryptographic tools.
Sodium is a portable, cross-compilable, installable, packageable fork of NaCl,
with a compatible API.


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libsodium23(x86-64) = 1.0.16-lp150.3.5.1


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Install Howto

Install libsodium23 rpm package:

# zypper install libsodium23




2018-07-13 -
- Add baselibs.conf: build libsodium23-32bit, which is required by
zeromq's -32bit packages.
2018-07-12 -
- Add gpg signature
- Modernise spec file with spec-cleaner
2017-12-29 -
- Enable verbose make output when building tests
2017-12-13 -
- Update to 1.0.16
* Signatures computations and verifications are now way faster
on 64-bit platforms with compilers supporting 128-bit
arithmetic (gcc, clang, icc). This includes the WebAssembly
* New low-level APIs for computations over edwards25519:
crypto_scalarmult_ed25519(), crypto_scalarmult_ed25519_base(),
crypto_core_ed25519_is_valid_point(), crypto_core_ed25519_add(),
crypto_core_ed25519_sub() and crypto_core_ed25519_from_uniform()
(elligator representative to point).
* crypto_sign_open(), crypto_sign_verify_detached() and
crypto_sign_edwards25519sha512batch_open` now reject public
keys in non-canonical form in addition to low-order points.
* The library can be built with ED25519_NONDETERMINISTIC defined
in order to use synthetic nonces for EdDSA. This is disabled
by default.
* sodium_stackzero() was added to wipe content off the stack.
* The Salsa20-based PRNG example is now thread-safe on platforms
with support for thread-local storage, optionally mixes bits
from RDRAND.
* Argon2 and scrypt are slightly faster on Linux.
2017-10-08 -
- Refresh spec-file.
- Update to 1.0.15.
* Release notes:
* The default password hashing algorithm is now Argon2id.
* The pwhash_str_verify() function can still verify Argon2i hashes without any changes,
and pwhash() can still compute Argon2i hashes as well.
* The aes128ctr primitive was removed. It was slow, non-standard, not authenticated,
and didn't seem to be used by any opensource project.
* Argon2id required at least 3 passes like Argon2i, despite a minimum of 1
as defined by the OPSLIMIT_MIN constant. This has been fixed.
* The secretstream construction was slightly changed to be consistent with forthcoming variants.
* The Javascript and Webassembly versions have been merged, and the module now returns
a .ready promise that will resolve after the Webassembly code is loaded and compiled.
* Note that due to these incompatible changes, the library version major was bumped up.

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