uucp - Taylor Unix-to-Unix copy

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Distribution openSUSE Leap 15.0
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Package filename uucp-1.07-lp150.2.10.x86_64.rpm
Package name uucp
Package version 1.07
Package release lp150.2.10
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
Category Productivity/Networking/Other
Homepage https://www.gnu.org/software/uucp/
License GPL-2.0+
Maintainer -
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Ian Taylor's Unix to Unix copy: mail and news over modem lines. This is
the standard UUCP package from the Free Software Foundation. It is
configured to use HoneyDanBer or Taylor configuration files. With
version 6.0 of SuSE Linux, the configuration directory has been moved
to /etc/uucp.
Taylor config:	 /etc/uucp
HoneyDanBer config: /etc/uucp/hdb_config
If you have your own setup under {_localstatedir}/lib/uucp, please
%move it to /etc/uucp.
Example configurations can be found in /usr/share/doc/packages/uucp.
We did not include a uucp guest account. If you want to create a guest
account, make sure the directory /var/spool/uucppublic exists.


Package Version Architecture Repository
uucp - - -


Name Value
ca-certificates -
filesystem -
fileutils -
group(uucp) -
info -
libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.15)(64bit) -
liblockdev.so.1()(64bit) -
logrotate -
netcfg -
openssl -
permissions -
rmail -
stunnel -
systemd -
user(uucp) -


Name Value
config(uucp) = 1.07-lp150.2.10
uucp = 1.07-lp150.2.10
uucp(x86-64) = 1.07-lp150.2.10


Type URL
Mirror widehat.opensuse.org
Binary Package uucp-1.07-lp150.2.10.x86_64.rpm
Source Package uucp-1.07-lp150.2.10.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install uucp rpm package:

# zypper install uucp




2018-03-26 - dimstar@opensuse.org
- Own %{_sysconfdir}/xinetd.d: filesystem won't own this directory
much longer (boo#1084457).
2017-04-07 - jengelh@inai.de
- Combine %service_ calls as they contain a lot of shell.
- Undo accidental linejoining of description.
- Spell out UUCP in summary to fill it.
- Use modern tar syntax and compact chmod syntax.
2017-04-06 - werner@suse.de
- Split of xinetd configuration as its own package
- Make sure that suucp.service does work with the suucp-server.conf
as here stunnel should not be used in inetd mode nor can it
(currently) use socket forwarding done by systemd
2017-04-04 - werner@suse.de
- Remove the usermode line as now we do not need to become member of
group lock
2017-04-04 - werner@suse.de
- Finalize the package that is
* use /var/lock/uucp for session locking
* add dircategory "Networking tools" for uucp info
* reflect our current permission handling with chkstat
2017-04-04 - werner@suse.de
- Add patch uucp-1.07-configure.patch
that is help configure script to find sigsetjmp
2017-04-01 - werner@suse.de
- Add some ACL group permissions for group uucp for /run/lock and
/run/lock/lockdev as otherwise we might fail
2017-04-01 - werner@suse.de
- Add patch uucp-1.07-initgroups.patch to initialize further
groups to which user uucp might be belongs to
2017-03-31 - werner@suse.de
- We should use now the suucp service port and not generic stunnel
not ssl for taylor uucp configuration
- Also we now can allow to let stunnel execute uucico without
local connection over xinetd or systemd
2017-03-31 - werner@suse.de
- Provide both uucp/suucp xinetd *and* systemd activated service
- Add patches
* address-wildcard-in-port.patch
* fix-proty-gcc33.patch
* uucp-1.07-sigfpe2.patch
to fix potential crashes with SIGFPE
* uucp-1.07-lfs.patch
to fix truncation of values on 32bit platforms where statvfs64
is being called on a lfs
- Add xinetd.uucp and uucp.pam

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