python2-httplib2 - A Python HTTP client library

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A comprehensive HTTP client library that supports many features
left out of other HTTP libraries.


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python(abi) = 2.7


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python-httplib2 = 0.10.3-lp150.3.1
python2-httplib2 = 0.10.3-lp150.3.1


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python-httplib2 < 0.10.3-lp150.3.1


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Binary Package python2-httplib2-0.10.3-lp150.3.1.noarch.rpm
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Install Howto

Install python2-httplib2 rpm package:

# zypper install python2-httplib2




2018-02-23 -
- update httplib2-use-system-certs.patch: handle
the case when validation is disabled correctly.
The 'check_hostname' context attribute has to be
set first, othewise a "ValueError: Cannot set
verify_mode to CERT_NONE when check_hostname
is enabled." exception is raised.
2018-01-10 -
- update httplib2-use-system-certs.patch: handle
the case with ssl_version being None correctly
2018-01-09 -
- update httplib2-use-system-certs.patch: Also use
ssl.create_default_context in the python2 case so that
the system wide certificates are loaded as trusted again.
2017-04-19 -
- Source url must be https.
2017-04-19 -
- Spec file cleanups
2017-04-12 -
- Update to 0.10.3
* Fix certificate validation on Python<=2.7.8 without ssl.CertificateError
- Update to 0.10.2
* Just a reupload of 0.10.1, which was broken for Python3
because wheel distribution doesn't play well with our 2/3 split code base.
- Update to 0.10.1
* Remove VeriSign Class 3 CA from trusted certs
* Add IdenTrust DST Root CA X3
* Support for specifying the SSL protocol version (Python v2)
* On App Engine use urlfetch's default deadline if None is passed.
* Fix TypeError on AppEngine ?__init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'ssl_version??
* Send SNI data for SSL connections on Python 2.7.9+
* Verify the server hostname if certificate validation is enabled
* Add proxy_headers argument to ProxyInfo constructor
* Make disable_ssl_certificate_validation work with Python 3.5.
* Fix socket error handling
- Remove httplib2-bnc-818100.patch, merged upstream.
2016-10-12 -
- Project moved from to GitHub, fix the url
2016-04-27 -
- attempt to build multi-python
2016-03-02 -
- update and cleanup of httplib2-use-system-certs.patch,
so that the passthrough is clean for python2 and so that it does
the right thing in python3
2015-12-03 -
- Update to version 0.9.2:
* Fix incorrect ResponseNotReady exceptions, retry on transient errors.

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