python2-PrettyTable - Library for displaying tabular data in formatted fashion

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Package name python2-PrettyTable
Package version 0.7.2
Package release lp150.2.5
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PrettyTable is a Python library for representing tabular data in
ASCII tables, inspired by the tables emitted by the PostgreSQL shell,
psql. PrettyTable allows for selection of which columns are to be
printed, independent alignment of columns (left or right justified or
centred) and printing of "sub-tables" by specifying a row range.


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python2-PrettyTable - - -


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python(abi) = 2.7


Name Value
python-PrettyTable = 0.7.2-lp150.2.5
python-prettytable = 0.7.2
python2-PrettyTable = 0.7.2-lp150.2.5


Name Value
python-PrettyTable < 0.7.2-lp150.2.5
python-prettytable < 0.7.2


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Binary Package python2-PrettyTable-0.7.2-lp150.2.5.noarch.rpm
Source Package python-PrettyTable-0.7.2-lp150.2.5.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install python2-PrettyTable rpm package:

# zypper install python2-PrettyTable




2017-09-05 -
- Make description neutral.
2017-09-01 -
- activate tests
- remove shebang from
- run spec-cleaner
2017-08-23 -
- convert to singlespec
2013-10-24 -
- Require python-setuptools instead of distribute (upstreams merged)
2013-04-26 -
- Run testsuite
2013-02-22 -
- Use upstream URL and fix copyright
2013-02-18 -
- Update to version 0.7:
+ Improved Python 2 and 3 compatibility (2.4-3.2).
+ Improved support for non-Latin characters.  Table widths should
now be calculated correctly for tables with e.g. Japanese text.
+ Table contents can now be read in from a .csv file
+ Table contents can now be read in from a DB-API compatible cursor
+ Table contents can now be read in from a string containing a
HTML table
+ new valign attribute controls vertical alignment of text when
some cells in a row have multiple lines of text and others don't.
+ hrules attribute can now be set to HEADER, which draws a rule only
under the header row
+ new vrules attribute controls drawing of vertical rules and can
be set to FRAME, ALL or NONE
+ new header_style attribute controls formatting of text in table
headers and can be set to "cap", "title", "upper", "lower" or None
+ Fixed a simple bug regarding validation of max_width
+ Fixed a simple bug regarding initialisation of int_format value
for new tables
+ Fixed a bug regarding some constructor keywords, such as "border",
being ignored
2012-07-26 -
- Update to version 0.6.1:
+ Unicode encoding scheme can now be set by user
+ __str__ now uses user-specified encoding instead of ASCII.  This
fixes a bug where tables with non-ASCII characters would print
correctly with "print x.get_string()" but not "print x" in 2.x
(thanks to Google Code user kevincobain2000 for reporting this
+ Fixed an incompatibility with 3.0 and 3.1 (html.escape was new
in 3.2)
- Changes from version 0.6.0:
+ Code is now simultaneously compatible with Python 2 and 3
+ Replaced all setter methods with managed attributes
+ All styling options can now be set persistently as managed attributes
+ Added "add_style" method to make setting style options easily
+ Added "del_row", "clear_rows" and "clear" methods to facilitate
removal of data from table.
+ Added "copy" method to facilitate cloning of a table.
+ Removed caching functionality, which added complexity and fragility
for relatively little gain
+ Removed methods that just printed strings produced by get_string and
get_html_string - just use inbuilt print!
+ Improved unicode support
+ Added support for decimal and floating point number formatting
+ Added support for using a custom key sorting methods
+ Added support for line breaks in data
+ Added support for max column widths
+ Fixed table slicing
+ Fixed bug where closing <tr/> tags in HTML tables were not printed
+ Fixed HTML table sorting bug
+ Fixed bug whereby changing field_names did not recompute widths
2011-11-30 -
- license update: BSD-2-Clause
2011-11-29 -
- Make it a noarch package
- %py_requires needed for SLE

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