libpqxx-5_0 - C++ Client Library for PostgreSQL

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Package name libpqxx-5_0
Package version 5.0.1
Package release lp150.1.4
Package architecture x86_64
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License BSD-3-Clause
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This is the official C++ client API for postgres.  What libpqxx brings you is
effective use of templates to reduce the inconvenience of dealing with type
conversions; of standard C++ strings to keep you from having to worry about
buffer allocation and overflow attacks; of exceptions to take the tedious and
error-prone plumbing around error handling out of your hands; of constructors
and destructors to bring resource management under control; and even basic
object-orientation to give you some extra reliability features that would be
hard to get with most other database interfaces.


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libpqxx-5_0 - - -


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libpqxx-5_0 = 5.0.1-lp150.1.4
libpqxx-5_0(x86-64) = 5.0.1-lp150.1.4


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Binary Package libpqxx-5_0-5.0.1-lp150.1.4.x86_64.rpm
Source Package libpqxx-5.0.1-lp150.1.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install libpqxx-5_0 rpm package:

# zypper install libpqxx-5_0




2017-12-01 -
- Changed build reuirements for python to "%{pythons}"
as suggested by "openSUSE:Packaging Python Singlespec"
2017-04-23 -
- Select better RPM groups
2017-04-17 -
- update to 5.0.1
* See NEWS or
for details
- rebased libpqxx-sed-4.3.patch
- split doc subpackage
2017-03-14 -
- Add libpqxx-sed-4.3.patch: Fix build with sed 4.3, which is
stricter regarding [[:space:]] vs [:space:]. needs
this to be represented as [[[:space:]]], as autoFOO itself
swallows one pair of [].
- Add libtool BuildRequires and call to autoreconf, as above patch
touches the build system.
2016-04-25 -
- add back buildroot to fix build on sle 11
2013-04-09 -
- update to 4.0.1
* See NEWS or
for details.
- spec cleanup
* Provide library in subpackage, which name follows
shared library naming policy.
- removed libpqxx-rpmlintrc
* it contained only addFilter("shlib-policy-name-error")
- removed patches libpqxx-gcc46.patch libpqxx-gcc47.patch -
merged upstream.
2012-03-19 -
- Add libpqxx-gcc47.patch: Fix build with gcc 4.7.
2011-12-03 -
- Add require on pkg-config to provide pkg-config provides.
- Don't package twice.
2011-05-25 -
- Rename libpqxx-3.1-gcc46.patch to libpqxx-gcc46.patch.
2011-05-24 -
- Add libpqxx-3.1-gcc46.patch, add missing cstddef include to
fix compilation with gcc 4.6, upstream revision 1722

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