http-parser-devel - Development headers and libraries for http-parser

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Package name http-parser-devel
Package version 2.7.1
Package release lp150.2.3
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This is a parser for HTTP messages written in C. It parses both
requests and responses. The parser is designed to be used in
performance HTTP applications. It does not make any syscalls nor
allocations, it does not buffer data, it can be interrupted at
anytime. Depending on your architecture, it only requires about 40
bytes of data per message stream (in a web server that is per
Development headers and libraries for http-parser.


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http-parser-devel - - -


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libhttp_parser2_7_1 = 2.7.1


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http-parser-devel = 2.7.1-lp150.2.3
http-parser-devel(x86-64) = 2.7.1-lp150.2.3


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Binary Package http-parser-devel-2.7.1-lp150.2.3.x86_64.rpm
Source Package http-parser-2.7.1-lp150.2.3.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install http-parser-devel rpm package:

# zypper install http-parser-devel




2017-11-03 -
- move out from gyp
- use correct SONAME
- drop http-parser-gyp-sharedlib.patch
- add makefile.patch
2016-10-21 -
- Update to version 2.7.1
* No changelog available
2016-03-26 -
- Update to 2.6.2
* No changelog available
2016-01-28 -
- Add baselibs.conf as source, in order to build
libhttp-parser-suse0 32-bit compatability lib.
2015-11-16 -
- Update to version 2.6.0
* No changelog available
2015-08-08 -
- Initial package (version 2.5.0) for

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