help2man - Create Simple Man Pages from --help Output

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help2man is a script to create simple man pages from the --help and
--version output of programs.
Since most GNU documentation is now in info format, this provides a way
to generate a placeholder man page pointing to that resource while
still providing some useful information.


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help2man = 1.47.5-lp150.1.42
help2man(x86-64) = 1.47.5-lp150.1.42


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Binary Package help2man-1.47.5-lp150.1.42.x86_64.rpm
Source Package help2man-1.47.5-lp150.1.42.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install help2man rpm package:

# zypper install help2man




2017-10-05 -
- Update to 1.47.5
* Refresh Brazilian Portuguese translation from translation project
copy (trivial date change).
* Update Swedish translation (thanks to Sebastian Rasmussen).
* Use POSIX compliant TZ when setting UTC (thanks to Paul Eggert).
* Update copyright years.
2016-05-10 -
- Update to 1.47.4
* Update Serbian translation (thanks to ???????? ???????).
* Add Chinese (simplified) translation of info page (thanks to
Mingye Wang).
* Update Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Rafael
* Reduce the minimum translation to 60% for info files.
* Extract version from dpkg-parsechangelog using the new flag,
rather than sed.
* Add hardening flags via DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS.
* Use secure VCS URIs.
* Update standards version to 3.9.8.
2015-11-19 -
- update to 1.47.3:
* Filter more untranslatable strings from help2man-texi.pot
* Add note to translators about translation of cross-references.
2015-09-11 -
- Update to 1.47.2
* Update Esperanto translation (thanks to Felipe Castro).
* Add Chinese (simplified) translation (thanks to Mingye Wang).
2015-06-15 -
- update to 1.47.1:
* Set document language for localised info pages.
* Add French and Spanish translation of info documentation.
* Add Spanish and Danish translations.
* Add support for reproducible builds by using
$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH as the date for the generated pages.
2015-05-11 -
- Update to 1.46.6
* Add German, Ukranian and Polish translations of info
* Add Hungarian and Norwegian Bokmaal translations.
2015-01-31 -
- help2man 1.46.5:
* Fix a problem with LC_ALL being imported twice with different
prototypes from POSIX and Locale::gettext
* Update copyright years.
2014-10-13 -
- help2man 1.46.4:
* Include and into rules to replace
the multiple calls to dpkg-architecture and to pick up the
correct hardening flags.
* Add $(LDFLAGS) when building preload to pick up -z relro (see
* Minor correction to Norwegian Bokmaal translation.
* Minor correction to Brazilian Portuguese translation.
* Escape dashes in --name flag for groff (see lintian tag:
* Fix example using AM_MISSING_PROG in documentation: this macro no
longer requires the third argument.
2014-10-05 -
- help2man 1.46.3:
* Update Serbian translation
* Add Spanish translation
- includes changes from 1.46.2:
* Update French translation, and add translation of info page
- verify source signature
2014-08-16 -
- Update to version 1.46.1:
* Update translations.
* Apply texinfo patch from Mario Bl├Ątterman.
* Rename aclocal macros with LOCAL_ prefix.
* Include "missing" program from automake in distribution.
* Change reference to standards to avoid spurious comma.
to Yuri Chornoivan).
Jakub Bogusz).
* Move automake helper scripts into a build-aux sub-directory.
* Add a helper script to locate files in $VPATH.
+ fixup-tex-pot: remove entries from template which should not be
+ fixup-texi-trans: add the correct path for install-info and correct the
alignment of the main menu.
From 1.45.1:
* Skip additional blank lines following sections, and provide an
explicit method of adding sections (thanks to Mischa Williamson).
* Improve handling of tagged paragraphs when the body is on a following
line (thanks to Brian Campbell).
* Add escapes to adjust spacing of italic text at roman/italic
boundaries (thanks to Bjarni Ingi Gislason, closes: #742289)
From: 1.44.1:
* Perform shell word splitting on option lines in include files.
* Update translations.
* Update copyright years.
* Change distribution filename in README to help2man-VERSION.tar.xz
* Fix gitweb URL in README.

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