hack-fonts - A typeface designed for source code

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A typeface designed for source code
Hack includes monospaced regular, bold, oblique, and bold oblique sets to cover
all of your syntax highlighting needs.
Over 1500 glyphs that include lovingly tuned expanded Latin, modern Greek, and
Cyrillic character sets.
Powerline glyphs are included in the regular set. Patching is not necessary.
Install and go.


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hack-fonts-3.003-lp150.8.1.noarch.rpm 3.003 noarch Fonts
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Hack = 3.003
hack-fonts = 3.003-lp150.1.1


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Binary Package hack-fonts-3.003-lp150.1.1.noarch.rpm
Source Package hack-fonts-3.003-lp150.1.1.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install hack-fonts rpm package:

# zypper install hack-fonts




2018-05-01 - cornelis@solcon.nl
- Release 3.003; Major changes:
* New license:
+ Eliminated Hack Open Font License
+ Added MIT License for Hack work
+ These license changes eliminated the Reserved Font Name "Hack"
in the typeface license
+ No changes to co-licensure with the Bitstream Vera license
from upstream source
* Only provide ttf
* For details, see
- Update LICENSE.md and README.md to the versions from master
- Removed service file, seems unnecessary
2016-05-12 - fcrozat@suse.com
- Release 2.020:
* adjusted size / positioning on a lot of glyphs.
2016-01-21 - fcrozat@suse.com
- Release 2.019:
* adjusted size / positioning on a lot of glyphs.
- Update url for LICENSE.md and README.md to fetch released version
of those files from github.
2015-12-14 - fcrozat@suse.com
- Fix license tag to SUSE-Hack-Open-Font-2.0 and
- Ensure to install README.md and LICENSE.md.
2015-12-08 - fcrozat@suse.com
- Release 2.018:
* Add missing glyphs (U+016C, U+016D.
- Changes from 2.016/2.017:
* increased vertical position of the tilde.
* increased width of the vertical stroke on the dollar symbol.
* modified Cyrillic upper case C (U+0421) to differentiate from
Latin C.
* upper case theta (U+0398) to differentiate from lower case
* add missing glyphs (U+0132, U+0133, U+013F, U+0140, U+0162
U+0163, U+0138, U+266A, U+0149, U+1EF9, U+1EF8, U+1EBD, U+1EBC
U+2116, U+01A4, U+0108, U+0109, U+011C, U+011D, U+0124, U+0125
U+0134, U+0135, U+015C, U+015D, U+016C, U+016D, U+20B7.
* fixed missing null glyph (U+0000) in regular, italic,
bolditalic sets.
* removed duplicate CR glyph (U+000D) in all sets.
* updated ttfautohint to version 1.4.1 for TrueType.
2015-10-08 - fcrozat@suse.com
- Release 2.015:
* new vertical metrics = decreased line spacing height
* adjusted vertical position of the colon to a higher position,
improves alignment with other punctuation glyphs (U+003A).
* changed vertical position of the dash (U+002D) so that regular
and oblique, bold and bold oblique are properly aligned.
* updated hinting algorithm for bold set (improved point position
over stem of lowercase j/i for some text sizes).
* underscore (U+005F) centered, increased width, increased height
& aligned vertical position closer to baseline.
* increased vertical position of dieresis mark on lowercase u
dieresis (U+00FC), on lowercase i dieresis (U+00EF), on
lowercase e dieresis (U+00EB).
* decreased vertical position of the asterisk (U+002A).
* new design for ascii tilde - broader curves, taller glyph with
* goal to improve appearance at small text sizes where it tended
to render like a dash (U+007E).
2015-09-12 - hot123tea123@gmail.com
- Update license spelling according to http://license.opensuse.org/
2015-09-12 - hot123tea123@gmail.com
- Update to version 2.013
2015-09-02 - fcrozat@suse.com
- Improve specfile to follow openSUSE policy packaging rules.
2015-09-02 - pgajdos@suse.com
- use font rpm macros

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