guilt - quilt on top of git

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Andrew Morton originally developed a set of scripts for maintaining
kernel patches outside of any SCM tool. Others extended these into a
suite called quilt. The basic idea behind quilt is to maintain patches
instead of maintaining source files. Patches can be added, removed or
reordered, and they can be refreshed as you fix bugs or update to a new
base revision. quilt is very powerful, but it is not integrated with
the underlying SCM tools. This makes it difficult to visualize your
Guilt allows one to use quilt functionality on top of a Git repository.
Changes are maintained as patches which are committed into Git.
Commits can be removed or reordered, and the underlying patch can be
refreshed based on changes made in the working directory. The patch
directory can also be placed under revision control, so you can have a
separate history of changes made to your patches.


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guilt - - -


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guilt = 0.35-lp150.1.4


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Binary Package guilt-0.35-lp150.1.4.noarch.rpm
Source Package guilt-0.35-lp150.1.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install guilt rpm package:

# zypper install guilt




2013-03-20 -
- update to 0.35
- various bugfixes
- add drop-unneeded-git-version-check.patch, will drop after 0.36 released,
2010-12-03 -
- update to 0.34
- patchbomb: add some patch formatting options to the CLI
- Make sure the commit time is increasing
- clean up specfile
2010-05-15 -
- update to 0.33
- Add support for git version 1.7.x.y
- Allow to handle binary files.
- Various bugfixes.
2009-02-19 -
- update to 0.32
- various bugfixes
- new commands: guilt-guard, guilt-select
- drop superfluous BR: docbook-xsl-stylesheets
2008-12-03 -
- Require git.
- Build for noarch.
2008-10-07 -
- Require docbook-xsl-stylesheets, docbook_4 and docbook_3 to
avoid downloading of XSL style sheets and build without network.
- Require sgml-skel because that is required by docbook RPMs.
2008-10-07 -
- update to 0.31.2 (works with git 1.6)
2008-10-07 -
- update to 0.31
2008-05-26 -
- new package

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