guestfsd - Daemon for the libguestfs appliance

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Distribution openSUSE Leap 15.0
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Package name guestfsd
Package version 1.38.0
Package release lp150.2.4
Package architecture x86_64
Package type rpm
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guestfsd runs within the libguestfs appliance. It receives commands from the host
and performs the requested action by calling the helper binaries.
This package is only required for building the appliance.


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guestfsd - - -


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Name Value
guestfsd = 1.38.0-lp150.2.4
guestfsd(x86-64) = 1.38.0-lp150.2.4


Name Value
libaugeas0 < 1.0.0


Type URL
Binary Package guestfsd-1.38.0-lp150.2.4.x86_64.rpm
Source Package libguestfs-1.38.0-lp150.2.4.src.rpm

Install Howto

Install guestfsd rpm package:

# zypper install guestfsd




2018-02-27 -
- Remove unneeded createrepo build dependency (bsc#1082689)
- builder-repository: fix SLES short id computation
Patch added:
- Fix handling of Latin-1 encoding in rpmdb (bsc#1075803)
Patches added:
2018-02-23 -
- Remove dependency on wodim for openSUSE:Factory and use cdrtools
2018-02-09 -
- update to version 1.38.0:
* Virt-builder-repository is a new tool allowing end users to
create and update virt-builder repositories. (fate#318952)
* Virt-rescue has been substantially rewritten, implementing job
control, -m and -i options, escape keys, etc.
* Virt-builder planner has been improved so that faster and more
efficient build plans are chosen for complex cases, especially when
either the tmpdir or output is on networked storage.
* Virt-customize now sets a random /etc/machine-id for Linux guests, if
one is not already set.
* Virt-df now works correctly on filesystems with block sizes smaller
than 1K.
* Virt-dib has further compatibility enhancements with diskimage-builder.
* Virt-sysprep removes "DHCP_HOSTNAME" from ifcfg-* files.
* Virt-resize now correctly copies GPT partition attributes from the
source to the destination. (bsc#1074585)
* Bash tab completion implemented or enhanced for: virt-win-reg,
* Both virt-v2v and virt-p2v are now able to pass through the source CPU
vendor, model and topology.
* Virt-v2v now supports encrypted guests.
* Virt-v2v now detects the special Linux Xen PV-only kernels correctly
* Virt-v2v -o glance now generates the right properties for UEFI guests
* Virt-v2v -o null now avoids spooling the guest to a temporary file,
instead it writes to the qemu "null block device".  This makes it
faster and use almost no disk space.
* Virt-v2v -i libvirtxml can now open network disks over http or https.
* Virt-v2v will now give a warning about host passthrough devices
* Inspection support was rewritten in OCaml and included inside the
daemon.  This makes inspection considerably faster, more robust and
more easily extensible in future.
* The libguestfs API is now thread-safe (although not parallel).  You can
call APIs on the same handle from multiple threads without needing to
take a lock.
- Removed patches:
- Added patches:
2017-12-04 -
- evtxdump is in python3-evtx, drop python2 dependency
- add hwinfo to the appliance packages for ntfs support.
- Don't run fdupes as it symlinks some of the python3 binding
files to their python2 equivalent
2017-11-22 -
- Add db48-utils dependency: needed to inspect the installed
- Remove useless patch: 0000-hotfix.patch
2017-10-25 -
- Move guestfs-data to libguestfs0. bsc#1064399
- Force distro detection
* use-idlike.patch
* 531316cc-build-improve-and-simplify-distro-detection.patch
2017-10-12 -
- Use "OCaml" in RPM group exactly as all other packages do.
2017-09-21 -
- Update summaries and RPM groups. Trim description for size.
- Replace old $RPM_ shell vars by macros.
Remove redundant %clean section.
2017-09-20 -
- Add windows support files to the appliance for SLES (fate#316274)
- Merge SLES and openSUSE spec files.
2017-09-04 -
- Tweak configuration before building for python3 or PyString_*
symbols will still be missing

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